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War & Army Main Event: Police 'kill many'
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02-07 Police 'kill many' Madagascar
C. 02-07 Biden: US seeks to rework foreign ties Munich
D. 02-07 Jolie asks Thailand to aid refugees Thailand
4. 02-07 Israeli jets hit targets in Gaza Rafah, Gaza
F. 02-07 Raging wildfires kill at least 25 Melbourne
6. 02-07 U.S. works to define Afghanistan strategy Washington
H. 02-07 Obama defends economic stimulus Washington
I. 02-07 England collapsed against the West Indies Jamaica
J. 02-07 Police: report of diplomat's arrest baseless' Iran


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Morning News

Feb.7   Madagascar     Police 'kill many'
  At least 23 people have been killed after police opened fire on an opposition demonstration in the island nation's capital

  Munich     Biden: US seeks to rework foreign ties Map of Munich Germany  The new US administration is determined to strike a new tone in its relations around the world, Vice-President has told a major security forum

  Thailand   Jolie asks Thailand to aid refugees  Angelina Jolie has asked Thai government to permit greater freedom for thousands of refugees stuck in camps after fleeing neighboring Myanmar

  Gaza Israeli jets hit targets in Gaza  Israeli warplanes attacked four tunnels and a weapons storage facility, responding to the firing of two missiles into Israel

Day News

  Melbourne     Raging wildfires kill at least 25  The wildfires fueled by strong winds and scorching temperatures in southeastern Australia

  Washington U.S. works to define Afghanistan strategy  The new special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke said 'Nobody can say the war in Afghanistan has gone well'

  Washington Obama defends economic stimulus  US President has defended his economic stimulus plan as 'absolutely necessary', and urged Congress to quickly approve it

  Jamaica England collapsed against the West Indies  England suffered one of their most humiliating defeats in Test history; down by an innings and 23 runs after being bundled out for just 51

  Iran Police: report of diplomat's arrest baseless'  An Iranian police spokesman has denied reports that the country's police force arrested a Swiss diplomat on a sex charge

Evening News

  Germany     Bishops: 'No room' for Holocaust denier
  Germany's Catholic bishops are calling for the expulsion of a former bishop Williamson, recently brought back into the church by Pope Benedict XVI

  Australia     Raging bushfires kill at least 65
  About 30,000 firefighters continued to battle the flames. Prime Minister Rudd announced the creation of an $10 million relief fund
 In New South Wales, firefighters have battled at least 35 fires. Bushfires are fueled by high temperatures and strong winds. Victoria Premier John Brumby had accepted an offer from the federal government to send in the army

  Somalia New president returns from exile  Hours after newly elected Sheikh Sharif Sheekh Ahmed arrived in the capital, mortars were fired at his presidential palace

  Ecuador US diplomat expelled  Left-wing president Correa has ordered the expulsion of a senior US diplomat, accusing him of suspending aid to Ecuador's anti-drugs program

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