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02-08 Bush fires kill at least 93 people Australia
C. 02-08 Merkel phones pope over Williamson Berlin
D. 02-08 U.S. soldiers killed while disabling bomb Helmand
E. 02-08 Afghanistan 'tougher than Iraq' Bavaria
5. 02-08 24 dead in plane crash Amazon
G. 02-08 Slumdog sweeps to Bafta success London
7. 02-08 Raging wildfires killed at least 130 people Melbourne
I. 02-08 Synagogue suspects held Caracas, Venezuela
J. 02-08 Iraq, Afghanistan withdrawals delayed Washington


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Morning News

Feb.8   Australia     Bush fires kill at least 93 people
  Thousands of firefighters and the army, are battling several major fires, and the number of dead is expected to rise as fires are put out
 Entire towns in Victoria were destroyed as fires were fanned by extreme temperatures and wind

  Berlin     Merkel phones pope over Williamson  German Chancellor phoned Benedict XVI over a Holocaust denier whom the pope welcomed back into the Roman Catholic Church last month

  Helmand U.S. soldiers killed while disabling bomb  2 soldiers and 3 Afghans were killed while the soldiers were trying to disable a roadside bomb

  Bavaria Afghanistan 'tougher than Iraq'  Richard Holbrooke, Obama's envoy to Afghanistan, has said that winning the conflict there will be 'much tougher' than in Iraq

  Amazon 24 dead in plane crash  4 passengers survived and were rescued by emergency teams after the plane, a Brazilian-made Bandeirante turboprop

Day News

  London Slumdog sweeps to Bafta success  British movie Slumdog Millionaire enjoyed a stunning night at the British Academy Film Awards, winning seven prizes including best film

Evening News

  Melbourne     Raging wildfires killed at least 130 people
  The wildfires have killed at least 130 people, decimating massive spans of land and leaving thousands homeless
 The fires have swept through Victoria, leaving firefighters and police to describe the destruction 'as something of a holocaust'

  Venezuela Synagogue suspects held  11 people - including 7 police officers - have been arrested over the ransacking of a synagogue in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas

  Washington Iraq, Afghanistan withdrawals delayed  Decisions about withdrawing troops from Iraq and sending more to Afghanistan have been delayed until Obama provided with more details

  Los Angeles Plant and Krauss win 5 Grammys  Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has led the winners, taking home five prizes for his collaboration with bluegrass singer Alison Krauss

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