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Crime Main Event: Obama unveils 2011 budget ...
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02-01 Obama unveils 2011 budget plans Washington
2. 02-01 PM criticises US missionaries Haiti
3. 02-01 Death toll at 16 in Juarez party shooting Ciudad Juarez, North Mexico
E. 02-01 DNA may ID bodies from WWI mass grave Fromelles, France
5. 02-01 Explosives wash up on Israeli beaches Ashkelon, Israel
G. 02-01 Toyota announces gas pedal fix Japan
7. 02-01 Female suicide bomber kills 41 Baghdad
8. 02-01 Sodomy trial begins for politician Anwar Malaysia
9. 02-01 Concorde crash trial set to begin Paris


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Morning News

Feb.1   Washington     Obama unveils 2011 budget plans
  US President has announced a $3.8tn budget plan, which includes increased spending for job creation, but cuts in other areas
 Obama also forecast the deficit would rise to a record $1.56tn this year. He scrapped plans to send astronauts back to the Moon and will seek to save $250bn by capping domestic spending programmes for three years

  Haiti   PM criticises US missionaries
  Jean-Max Bellerive has criticised 10 US missionaries who were arrested as they tried to take 33 Haitian children out of the earthquake-hit country

  North Mexico   Death toll at 16 in Juarez party shooting Map of Ciudad Juarez Mexico
  The death toll climbed to 16 Monday in an attack by at least 12 heavily armed gunmen. Another 12 people were wounded

  France DNA may ID bodies from WWI mass grave  A mass grave dating back to World War I had been discovered in France, and Britain's Ministry of Defence was trying to contact the relatives

  Israel Explosives wash up on Israeli beaches  Two barrels filled with explosives washed up on beaches in Israel. Authorities disposed of both without injury

  Japan Toyota announces gas pedal fix  Toyota has developed a fix for gas pedals in millions of recalled vehicles and is already shipping the new parts to dealers

  Baghdad Female suicide bomber kills 41  106 others wounded in a suicide bombing that targeted Shiite pilgrims in a predominantly Shiite area of the Iraqi capital

  Malaysia Sodomy trial begins for politician Anwar  The opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, has appeared in court to face charges of sodomy for the second time in a decade

Evening News

  Paris     Concorde crash trial set to begin   The US airline Continental and five individuals are set to go on trial over the crash of an Air France Concorde jet nearly 10 years ago

  Beijing China warns Obama not to meet Dal. Lama  China has warned the US president that it will harm ties between the two countries if he meets the Dalai Lama

  Western Canada 15,000 assembled for secure Olympics  An Olympic security plan five years in the making is taking shape in Vancouver this week

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