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Human Rights Main Event: Clinton was on 'fre...
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02-11 Clinton was on 'frenetic pace' New York
C. 02-11 South Africa honors Mandela South Africa
D. 02-11 Attack suspect's lawyer shot dead Mumbai
E. 02-11 Protest disrupts Calderon's visit Ciudad Juarez, North Mexico
5. 02-11 Broadcasters condemn Iran over jamming London
6. 02-11 MI5 denies withholding documents London
7. 02-11 Former president sentenced to 30 years Uruguay
I. 02-11 French finance minister defends euro France


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Morning News

Feb.11   New York   Clinton was on 'frenetic pace'
  Former President Bill Clinton's heart troubles come as he was embarking on a busy schedule, working on relief efforts for earthquake-ravaged Haiti

  South Africa South Africa honors Mandela  Former South African freedom fighter made a rare appearance as the parliament met to honor him on the 20th anniversary of his release from prison

  Mumbai Attack suspect's lawyer shot dead  Gunmen shot dead Shahid Azmi representing a man accused of helping the Mumbai attackers who killed 164 people in November 2008

Day News

  North Mexico   Protest disrupts Calderon's visit Map of Ciudad Juarez Mexico  Mexican President Felipe Calderon faced public anger during a visit to the country's most violent city on the border with the US

Evening News

  London     Broadcasters condemn Iran over jamming  The BBC, Deutsche Welle and Voice of America have strongly condemned Iran for its 'deliberate electronic interference' in their broadcasts

  London MI5 denies withholding documents  The head of MI5 has denied his staff withheld documents relating to the alleged torture of a UK resident from a House of Commons committee

  Uruguay Former president sentenced to 30 years  A court sentenced former Juan Maria Bordaberry for the coup that consolidated his power in 1973 and for human rights violations

  France French finance minister defends euro  Christine Lagarde said the euro has made the 16 European countries that use it 'stronger' and reinforced the level of trade among them

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