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02-13 Taliban stronghold under siege Marjah, Helmand
C. 02-13 Restaurant bomb blast kills eight Pune, Maharashtra, India
D. 02-13 Luge resumes with safety changes Vancouver
4. 02-13 Nato hails major Afghan operation Afghanistan
F. 02-13 Tymoshenko to contest election result Ukraine
G. 02-13 Bombs target political party sites Baghdad
H. 02-13 Ski-jumper wins first gold Vancouver
8. 02-13 Coalition troops find 'minimal interference' Helmand
J. 02-13 Warm temps hit some Olympic events Vancouver


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Morning News

Feb.13   Helmand   Taliban stronghold under siege
Map of Marjah Afghanistan
  The major Operation Moshtarak to rout militants from a notorious southern Afghan stronghold claimed its first NATO casualties

  India   Restaurant bomb blast kills eight
Map of Pune Maharashtra India
  33 others wounded in a bomb attack on the German Bakery, which is popular with tourists, in India's western city of Pune

  Vancouver   Luge resumes with safety changes Map of Vancouver  The men's event was moved to the lower women's start, which was expected to cut speeds by around 10kph

Day News

  Afghanistan     Nato hails major Afghan operation   Nato forces in Afghanistan have hailed as a success the first phase of a major operation to oust the Taliban from two key districts

  Ukraine Tymoshenko to contest election result  The defeated candidate in recent presidential election run-off, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, has vowed to challenge the result in court

  Baghdad Bombs target political party sites  Explosions at the offices of five political parties wounded at least 10 people. Bombs in different places detonated within a span of a few hours

  Vancouver Ski-jumper wins first gold  Switzerland's Simon Ammann claimed the first gold medal of the 2010 Winter Olympics when he won the opening men's ski-jumping event

Evening News

  Helmand   Coalition troops find 'minimal interference'
Map of Helmand
  The major coalition assault against the Taliban claimed the lives of two coalition troops, but military officials regard the push as very promising

  Vancouver   Warm temps hit some Olympic events Map of Vancouver  It is unseasonably warm in the Northwest, and several events on the Olympics have already been postponed or canceled

  Alabama University shooter 'killed brother'  Amy Bishop, the biology professor charged with shooting dead three staff is alleged to have also killed her brother 24 years ago

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