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Business Main Event: UK pressure Israel over...
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02-17 UK pressure Israel over Dubai murder London
2. 02-17 Pilots in strike threat at Lufthansa Germany
D. 02-17 Golden girl Vonn triumphs Whistler, Vancouver
E. 02-17 U.N. envoy: Reconciliatory efforts needed Afghanistan
F. 02-17 New charges against arms dealer Bout Washington
G. 02-17 8 jailed American missionaries leave Haiti Haiti
7. 02-17 Wine producers guilty of US scandal Carcassonne, Southern France
8. 02-17 New US investigation for Toyota Washington
J. 02-17 Britain releases new UFO files London


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Morning News

Feb.17   London   UK pressure Israel over Dubai murder
  The government has called in the Israeli ambassador to discuss the use of fake UK passports by the alleged killers of a Hamas commander

  Germany Pilots in strike threat at Lufthansa  Europe's largest airline by revenues faces a damaging four-day strike by its pilots in an escalating confrontation

  Vancouver Golden girl Vonn triumphs  Lindsey Vonn of the United States made a dominant victory in the women's downhill at Whistler Creekside

  Afghanistan U.N. envoy: Reconciliatory efforts needed  Kai Eide, the U.N. special representative to Afghanistan: The Taliban should halt attacks on schools and clinics to demonstrate the reconciliation

  Washington New charges against arms dealer Bout  International arms dealer Viktor Bout has been indicted on illegally purchasing U.S. cargo planes to ferry weapons to warring parties

  Haiti 8 jailed American missionaries leave Haiti  8 of the 10 US missionaries accused of kidnapping children in Haiti after the quake have been released from custody

  Southern France Wine producers guilty of US scandal  A dozen French winemakers and traders have been found guilty of a massive scam to sell 18 million bottles of fake Pinot Noir to a leading buyer

Evening News

  Washington New US investigation for Toyota  Japanese carmaker is facing a new US investigation into complaints of steering problems in its Corolla model

  London Britain releases new UFO files  Made public, the files are the fifth collection of unidentified flying objects to be released by the Ministry of Defence and The National Archives

  Argentina Lawmakers support Falklands initiative  Argentine legislators rallied behind President Fernandez, who signed a decree requiring ships navigating from to the disputed islands to obtain a permit

  France Air France probe narrows search area  Investigators seeking the cause of the crash of a jet last year have significantly narrowed the area they are searching to find the wreckage

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