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War & Army Main Event: Minaret collapse kill...
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02-19 Minaret collapse kills 41 Meknes, Morocco
C. 02-19 Cop jailed over supermarket rampage Moscow
3. 02-19 Iran launches guided-missile destroyer Iran
E. 02-19 64 Canadian students rescued at sea Brazil
F. 02-19 Tiger Woods makes apology for infidelity Florida
G. 02-19 ICC: killings 'crime against humanity' Guinea
H. 02-19 Olympics: Svindal edges Bode for gold Whistler Creekside, Vancouver
8. 02-19 Cabinet collapses in Afghan dispute Netherlands
9. 02-19 Air strike 'kills 30' in South Waziristan South Waziristan, Tribal Areas


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Morning News

Feb.19   Morocco   Minaret collapse kills 41 Map of Meknes Morocco
  A 400-year-old minaret in Bab Berdieyinn mosque collapsed on worshipers, killing 36 and injuring 71 in the middle of prayers
 The incident occurred after several days of unrelenting rain. King Mohammed VI has ordered that the mosque be rebuilt as soon as possible

  Moscow Cop jailed over supermarket rampage  Yevsyukov, a Moscow police officer, was sentenced to life in prison for killing two people and injuring seven in a drunken shooting rampage

  Iran Iran launches guided-missile destroyer  Jamaran has the capacity to carry about 120 people and is armed with surface-to-air missiles, torpedoes and modern naval cannons

  Brazil 64 Canadian students rescued at sea  All students and crew on a Concordia, Canadian ship, that sank 300 miles from the Brazilian coast have been rescued

Day News

  Florida     Tiger Woods makes apology for infidelity
  A tearful Tiger Woods has made a frank apology for cheating on his wife. He talking publicly for the first time since the scandal erupted

  Guinea ICC: killings 'crime against humanity'  International Criminal Court: The killing of opposition supporters in Guinea last year was a crime against humanity

  Vancouver Olympics: Svindal edges Bode for gold  Aksel Lund Svindal of Norway claimed his first Olympic gold medal with victory in the men's super-G at Whistler Creekside

Evening News

  Netherlands   Cabinet collapses in Afghan dispute  The Dutch government has collapsed over disagreements within the governing coalition on extending troop deployments in Afghanistan

  Tribal Areas   Air strike 'kills 30' in South Waziristan Map of South Waziristan Pakistan  It says a militant 'hideout' was hit in the Shawal mountains near the Afghan border

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