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02-24 Lawmakers grilled Toyota's president House of Representatives
C. 02-24 Canada rips Russia, moves to semis Vancouver
D. 02-24 Tendulkar breaks new record Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, Central India
E. 02-24 Sniper kills Indian trooper Sopore, Kashmir
5. 02-24 Australia anger at Dubai killing Australia
G. 02-24 Whale kills SeaWorld trainer during show Orlando, Florida
7. 02-24 India, Pakistan: Fresh bid to mend ties New Delhi
I. 02-24 Dubai murder suspects climb to 26 Dubai


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Morning News

Feb.24   House of Representatives   Lawmakers grilled Toyota's president
  Toyota's president, Akio Toyoda, acknowledged that the company had made mistakes and apologized for the recent lapses in quality control
 Toyoda apologises for faults behind the recall of millions of its vehicles

  Vancouver Canada rips Russia, moves to semis  Canada ended 50 years of Olympic hockey frustration against Russia with a 7-3 romp over the world champions

  Central India Tendulkar breaks new record  Sachin Tendulkar is adding the highest individual one-day international score to his list of world records

  Kashmir Sniper kills Indian trooper  The death toll among Indian security forces rose to four in the second day of a firefight with militants

Day News

  Australia Australia anger at Dubai killing  Australia has summoned the Israeli ambassador to explain the use of Australian passports by 3 suspects in the killing of a senior Palestinian

  Florida Whale kills SeaWorld trainer during show  A killer whale has killed a 40-year-old female trainer at the marine park. The whale Tilikum was also involved in the death of a trainer in 1991

Evening News

  New Delhi   India, Pakistan: Fresh bid to mend ties
  India and Pakistan are making a fresh attempt to soothe ties strained by the Mumbai attacks, amid Afghan crisis

  Dubai Dubai murder suspects climb to 26  Police announced 15 new suspects in the January killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a Hamas leader at a Dubai hotel

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