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Disasters Main Event: Massive 8.8 quake hits...
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02-27 Massive 8.8 quake hits Chile Chillan, Chile
2. 02-27 Panic as Hawaii braces for tsunami Hawaii
D. 02-27 Obama adamant on health reform Washington
4. 02-27 Storm lashes Spain and Portugal Spain
F. 02-27 U.S. guaranteed record Olympics haul Vancouver
G. 02-27 UK passport probe police in Israel Israel
7. 02-27 Quake affects two million, says Bachelet Chile
8. 02-27 Rain triggers deadly floods Les Cayes, Haiti
J. 02-27 Canada revel in record gold haul Vancouver


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Morning News

Feb.27   Chile   Massive 8.8 quake hits Chile Map of Chillan Chile
  An earthquake is killing at least 147 people and triggering tsunami warnings for the entire Pacific basin. The quake struck at 3:34 a.m. off the coast
 A large wave killed three people and 10 were missing on the island of Juan Fernandez

  Hawaii   Panic as Hawaii braces for tsunami Map of Hawaii  Sirens sounded early Saturday morning, warning people of a possible tsunami and telling people to in coastal areas to evacuate

  Washington Obama adamant on health reform  The US president seeks common ground on healthcare reform, saying millions cannot wait another generation for change

  Spain Storm lashes Spain and Portugal  Powerful winds have hit parts of Spain, Portugal and France, potentially causing damage. As winds of up to 140km/h lashed parts of Spain

Day News

  Vancouver U.S. guaranteed record Olympics haul  Bode Miller failed in his bid for an unprecedented medal haul but the United States will finish the 2010 Winter Olympics with a record total

  Israel UK passport probe police in Israel  British police officers are in Israel to investigate the use of fake British passports by suspects in the killing of a Hamas leader in Dubai

Evening News

  Chile   Quake affects two million, says Bachelet
  In a TV address, she said the forces of nature were testing the nation. So far 300 people have been confirmed killed in the earthquake

  Haiti   Rain triggers deadly floods Map of Les Cayes Haiti  At least eight people have been killed in or near the southeastern port cit in floods triggered by heavy rain

  Vancouver Canada revel in record gold haul  With 13 golds, Canada have become the most successful hosts of a Winter Olympics after guaranteeing that they will finish top of the medals table

  Southern China 19 killed in firecracker explosion  A family was setting off firecrackers in front of their home when a flame lit several firecrackers that were on the ground. This caused a huge explosion

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