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Business Main Event: Obama to pressure China...
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B. 02-03 Paramilitary gangs cited in violence Colombia
C. 02-03 Iran arrests rights activist Iran
02-03 Obama to pressure China on trade Washington
E. 02-03 West pushing for sanctions against Iran UN
5. 02-03 Toyota shares plummet Tokyo
G. 02-03 'Uranium exports not finalized' Iran
H. 02-03 U.S. military copter crashes in Germany Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany


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Morning News

Feb.3   Colombia Paramilitary gangs cited in violence  Criminal gangs that emerged from former paramilitary organizations are carrying out massacres, rapes and extortion

  Iran Iran arrests rights activist  Kaveh Ghasemi Kermanshahi, a leading Iranian human rights activist and journalist, was taken by seven security agents who searched his home

Day News

  Washington     Obama to pressure China on trade  President Obama says he will be much tougher with China to make sure it opens its markets to trade with the US

  UN West pushing for sanctions against Iran  Western diplomats are circulating a discussion paper proposing further UN sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program

Evening News

  Tokyo   Toyota shares plummet Map of Tokyo  Shares have hit their lowest level for 10 months on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with continuing concern about the safety of the company's vehicles

  Iran 'Uranium exports not finalized'  Iran's atomic energy chief said that no deal has been struck to export uranium for enrichment abroad, a demand of Western nations worried

  Germany U.S. military copter crashes in Germany  The Black Hawk crashed, killing three crew members

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