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02-07 Exit polls report Yanukovych victory Ukraine
C. 02-07 Power plant blast 'causes mass casualties' Middletown, Connecticut
3. 02-07 Iran sets new uranium challenge Iran
4. 02-07 Obama to hold TV summit on healthcare Washington
F. 02-07 Couple detained after security alert Mumbai
6. 02-07 Human rights group slams Israel's probe Israel
H. 02-07 Saints upset Colts in Super Bowl Miami
8. 02-07 Costa Rica elects first woman president Costa Rica
J. 02-07 Villages abandoned before Nato operation Helmand


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Morning News

Feb.7   Ukraine     Exit polls report Yanukovych victory
  Exit polls from presidential election indicate opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych has narrowly won, 3-6% over his opponent, Yulia Tymoshenko
 He challenged Tymoshenko to quit, but she refused to concede. Under the 59-year-old former mechanic, foreign policy is expected to become more pro-Russian

  Connecticut   Power plant blast 'causes mass casualties' Map of Middletown Connecticut  A huge explosion has rocked Kleen Energy plant. At least two people killed and many more injured

  Iran Iran sets new uranium challenge  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has asked the country's nuclear chief to begin enriching uranium to 20%

  Washington Obama to hold TV summit on healthcare  US President will hold a televised, summit-style meeting to discuss healthcare reform with both Democratic and Republican lawmakers

Day News

  Mumbai Couple detained after security alert  A male passenger and his wife were detained for questioning after a Dubai-bound flight was called back before take-off because of a security scare

  Israel Human rights group slams Israel's probe  Human Rights Watch faulted Israel's investigation into alleged war crimes last year in Gaza

Evening News

  Miami   Saints upset Colts in Super Bowl
  New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl with a surprise 31-17 win over Indianapolis. Brees hit a record-equalling 32 passes for 288 yards
 Porter returned an interception from Colts quarterback Peyton Manning 74 yards. The Super Bowl was watched by more than 106 million people to become the most-watched program in television history

  Costa Rica   Costa Rica elects first woman president  The ruling National Liberation Party claimed a historic victory. Laura Chinchilla: 'I want to thank the pioneering women who opened the doors of politics'

  Helmand Villages abandoned before Nato operation  Hundreds of villagers living in a Taliban-controlled area are leaving before a major Nato-led offensive gets under way

  Iran Iran cites CIA in radio arrests  7 people, including some accused of having ties to a U.S.-backed Farsi-language radio station, were arrested

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