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02-09 President Rajapaksa dissolves parliament Sri Lanka
C. 02-09 Haitian survived 4 weeks in rubble Port-au-Prince, Haiti
3. 02-09 India defers first GM food crop India
E. 02-09 Jonathan becomes acting president Nigeria
5. 02-09 Honda extends airbag recall Japan
G. 02-09 Rubble collapse traps at least one Port-au-Prince, Haiti
7. 02-09 Chavez announces electricity emergency Venezuela
8. 02-09 Google takes on Facebook and Twitter San Francisco Bay Area
9. 02-09 Firm ordered to fix airline seats Japan


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Morning News

Feb.9   Sri Lanka   President Rajapaksa dissolves parliament
  Recently re-elected Mahinda Rajapaksa is dissolving parliament, clearing the way for early elections

  Haiti     Haitian survived 4 weeks in rubble Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti
  28-year-old Evan Muncie pulled alive from the rubble of a building may have been trapped since the January 12 quake that leveled much of the city

  India India defers first GM food crop  India has deferred the commercial cultivation of what would have been its first genetically modified vegetable crop due to safety concerns

Day News

  Nigeria   Jonathan becomes acting president
  Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan has become acting president, after weeks of political uncertainty over the absence of its ailing leader

  Japan   Honda extends airbag recall  Honda has added an additional 437,700 cars, mainly in North America, to its existing safety recall over airbag inflation problems

  Haiti     Rubble collapse traps at least one Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti  Teams of rescuers in the capital rushed to the Caribbean Market after a machine used to clear rubble caused a secondary collapse

  Venezuela Chavez announces electricity emergency  Venezuelan President has declared a state of emergency for the nation's electricity supply and announced a series of billing sanctions and rewards

  San Francisco Bay Area Google takes on Facebook and Twitter  Google has taken the wraps off Buzz, its latest social network , integrated directly with its e-mail service Gmail - allows users to post status updates
 Also allows share content and read and comment on friends' posts

  Japan Firm ordered to fix airline seats  The Japanese government has ordered repairs to seats aboard planes operating in several countries after accusing Koito of falsifying safety test results.

  Washington U.S. ready to offer Iran alternative  In an attempt to call Iran's bluff on its nuclear program, the United States is poised to offer Tehran a way to obtain medical isotopes

  Helmand U.S., Afghan troops prep for assault  U.S. and Afghan commanders gave their troops pep talks ahead of a planned assault on the Taliban stronghold of Marja

Evening News

  Dubai Burj Khalifa tower deck shut  The tallest skyscraper in the world has temporarily closed its 124th floor observation deck to the public due to power supply problems

  Haiti Quake toll rises to 230,000  The number of people killed in the Haiti earthquake could be 230,000, the government says, revising its latest estimate up by 18,000

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