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1. 03-01 Medvedev rips Olympic 'fat cats' Moscow
2. 03-01 Former Bosnian vice president arrested London
D. 03-01 Chileans thirsty, fearful of looting Chile
03-01 Extra troops deployed amid quake unrest Chile
5. 03-01 Coup leaders name transit. government Niger
6. 03-01 Clinton in Uruguay, plans Chile visit Uruguay
H. 03-01 Trial Karadzic resumed UN Tribunal
8. 03-01 Ice deposits found at Moon's pole India


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Morning News

Mar.1   Moscow     Medvedev rips Olympic 'fat cats'  President Medvedev called for the resignation of the nation's top Olympic officials after the country's worst performance in a Winter Olympics

  London Former Bosnian vice president arrested  Ejup Ganic was arrested on a request from Serbia, where he is wanted for conspiracy to murder and breach of the Geneva Convention

  Chile Chileans thirsty, fearful of looting  Nearly 3 days after an 8.8-magnitude earthquake, rescuers in the hardest-hit areas scrambled to reach possible survivors

Day News

  Chile   Extra troops deployed amid quake unrest
  Thousands of troops are heading to the devastated earthquake zone as reports emerge of desperate survivors turning to looting and arson

  Niger Coup leaders name transit. government  The military leadership has formed a new transitional government of twenty ministers, including five soldiers and five women

Evening News

  Uruguay     Clinton in Uruguay, plans Chile visit  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton landed in Montevideo, the first stop in a six-nation Latin American tour that will take her to quake-ravaged Chile

  UN Tribunal Trial Karadzic resumed  Karadzic told an international tribunal in The Hague that the Serb cause is 'just and holy'

  India Ice deposits found at Moon's pole  A radar experiment aboard Chandrayaan-1 lunar spacecraft has identified thick deposits of water ice near the Moon's north pole

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