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03-12 At least 45 killed in Pakistan bombings Lahore
2. 03-12 Israel seals off West Bank Jerusalem
D. 03-12 BA cabin crew to strike this month London
4. 03-12 Pope defends celibacy rule Vatican
F. 03-12 32 asylum seekers rescued off coast Tiwi Islands, Australia
6. 03-12 Clinton: Israeli action an 'insult' Washington
H. 03-12 Beheaded Vikings found at Olympic site Weymouth, England
8. 03-12 Moon move dismays Apollo men Washington
J. 03-12 Wolves 'kill' woman's teacher Chignik Lake, Alaska


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Morning News

Mar.12   Lahore   At least 45 killed in Pakistan bombings
Map of Lahore
  3 suicide attackers targeted a military convoy in a high-security area of Lahore, in the second attack on the Pakistani city this week
 At least nine soldiers were killed and some 100 people were wounded

  Jerusalem   Israel seals off West Bank
  Israeli Defense Minister Barak has ordered the army to seal off the West Bank for 48 hours and tightened security around the old city of Jerusalem

  London   BA cabin crew to strike this month  Union members representing British Airways cabin crew announced they will hold two separate strikes this month in a dispute over working conditions

  Vatican Pope defends celibacy rule  Benedict XVI has defended celibacy among priests, saying it was a sign of 'full devotion' to the Catholic Church

  Australia 32 asylum seekers rescued off coast  The asylum seekers were spotted on two different boats sailing near the Tiwi Islands

Day News

  Washington     Clinton: Israeli action an 'insult'
  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Israel's announcement of new settlement construction in East Jerusalem was 'insulting'

  England Beheaded Vikings found at Olympic site  Workers excavating for a road near the London 2012 Olympic sailing venue, unearthed the grave of 51 young men who met a grisly death

  Washington Moon move dismays Apollo men  Former Nasa astronauts who went to the Moon said of their dismay at President Obama's decision to push back further Moon missions

  Alaska Wolves 'kill' woman's teacher  Wolves are suspected of killing Candice Berner, 32, in an isolated village while she was out jogging

Evening News

  Greece     EU close to Greece bail-out deal  The EU is poised to reach agreement on a multi-billion euro bail-out after weeks of crisis. The package would provide loans and guarantees

  New Jersey Terror suspect worked at nuclear plant  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is working with the FBI to determine whether Sharif Mobley had access to any sensitive areas of the nuclear plants

  NW Pakistan Suicide bomber in rickshaw hits checkpoint  At least 10 people have been killed by a suicide bomber in a rickshaw at a security checkpoint. At least 34 people were wounded

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