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Crime Main Event: BA cabin crew begin strike...
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B. 03-19 Quartet urges Israeli settlement freeze UN
C. 03-19 Rio Tinto signs mining deal with Chinalco Australia
D. 03-19 Greenpeace, Nestlé in battle over Kit Kat Global
4. 03-19 TV presenter gets death sentence Saudi Arabia
03-19 BA cabin crew begin strike action London
G. 03-19 Obama hails 'historic' healthcare vote Washington
7. 03-19 Catholic abuse scandal goes global Vatican
8. 03-19 Castration for rapists OK'd by province Mendoza, Argentina
9. 03-19 Drug criminals block roads North Mexico


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Morning News

Mar.19   UN   Quartet urges Israeli settlement freeze
  The international Quartet of Middle East peace mediators has called on Israel to freeze all settlement activity

  Australia     Rio Tinto signs mining deal with Chinalco  The Anglo-Australian mining company has signed a deal with China to develop a massive iron ore mine in West Africa

  Global Greenpeace, Nestlé in battle over Kit Kat  A video clip which shows an office worker opening a chocolate bar and finding an orangutan's finger has been re-posted on YouTube

  Saudi Arabia TV presenter gets death sentence  Amnesty International is calling on King Abdullah to stop the execution of a Lebanese man sentenced to death for 'sorcery'

Day News

  London   BA cabin crew begin strike action
  British Airways cabin crew have begun strike action that will cause severe disruption to flights for the next 3 days

  Washington   Obama hails 'historic' healthcare vote
  US President has described a congressional vote on healthcare reform due on Sunday as a 'historic' moment in a century-long struggle

  Vatican   Catholic abuse scandal goes global  Allegations spreading across a half dozen countries. Pope Benedict XVI has signed a pastoral letter about Ireland's abusive priests

  Argentina Castration for rapists OK'd by province  Officials in Argentina's Mendoza province have authorized chemical castration for rapists after a significant increase in sexual assaults last year

  North Mexico Drug criminals block roads  5 presumed drug gang members and a soldier were killed in shootouts after criminals blocked thoroughfares in 2 states to prevent reinforcements

Evening News

  Washington Obama renews Iran dialogue offer  US President has said that Washington's offer of dialogue with Iran still stands, in his latest New Year message to the Iranian people

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