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1. 03-02 Clinton promises solidarity for Chile Chile
2. 03-02 Famine aid 'spent on weapons' Ethiopia
D. 03-02 Iran shuts down reformist publications Iran
4. 03-02 Death toll at 795 in Chile quake Concepcion, Chile
5. 03-02 106 bodies recovered after landslides Mount Elgon, Uganda
6. 03-02 Bachelet urges survivors to stay calm Concepcion, Chile
03-02 Budget crisis is like wartime situation - PM Greece
I. 03-02 Man charged in terror plot to plead guilty New York
J. 03-02 Campbell's driver says model assaulted him New York


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Morning News

Mar.2   Chile Clinton promises solidarity for Chile  U.S. Secretary of State is bringing with her more than two dozen satellite phones and a pledge of U.S. commitment to the earthquake-damaged nation

  Ethiopia Famine aid 'spent on weapons'  Millions of dollars, earmarked for victims of the Ethiopian famine of 1984-85, went to buy weapons

  Iran Iran shuts down reformist publications  The publications both linked to opposition leader Mehdi Karrub. Iranian authorities citing violations of state rules that govern the media

  Chile Death toll at 795 in Chile quake  The tally likely will increase in coming days as search-and-rescue crews dig into collapsed buildings and discover more bodies

  Uganda 106 bodies recovered after landslides  Massive landslides wiped out several villages around Mount Elgon on the Kenya border. 245 people who are still missing and feared dead

Day News

  Chile   Bachelet urges survivors to stay calm Map of Concepcion Chile  Chile's president has appealed for calm in the earthquake-ravaged city, vowing a stern response to any renewal of looting and violence

  Greece     Budget crisis is like wartime situation - PM
  Prime Minister George Papandreou has likened the country's budget crisis to a 'wartime situation' and said Greece was at risk of bankruptcy
 The government has approved a package of tax increases and spending cuts to save 4.8bn euros and ease its budget crisis, including rises in sales taxes, a cut in holiday bonuses paid to civil servants, and a pensions freeze. The EU had called for austerity measures

Evening News

  New York Man charged in terror plot to plead guilty  Ahmad Wais Afzali plans to plead guilty to making false statements in what feds have described as a plot to detonate bombs on New York subways

  New York Campbell's driver says model assaulted him  A driver for Naomi Campbell told police that he was assaulted by the supermodel, according to the New York Police Department

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