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03-29 Rio Tinto executives jailed Shanghai
C. 03-29 Suu Kyi's NLD party to boycott election Myanmar
D. 03-29 Female suicide bombers blamed in attacks Moscow
E. 03-29 Falklands blow for UK oil company Falklands
5. 03-29 No signs of life in search of sunken ship South Korea
6. 03-29 Search for missing UAE fund manager Skhirat, Morocco
H. 03-29 Bombing masterminds 'will be destroyed' Moscow
8. 03-29 N. Korean mine 'may have sunk warship' South Korea
J. 03-29 Clashes claim 26 militants, militia leader Meerobak,Orakzai Agency, Tribal Areas


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Morning News

Mar.29   Shanghai   Rio Tinto executives jailed Map of Shanghai
  A court has sentenced an Australian mining executive to 10 years for bribery and stealing commercial secrets in the Rio Tinto case

  Myanmar   Suu Kyi's NLD party to boycott election
  Main opposition party, the National League for Democracy, says it will not take part in the country's first polls in two decades

  Moscow   Female suicide bombers blamed in attacks
  Russian investigators combing two subway stations think Chechen rebels may have been behind the rush-hour strike

  Falklands   Falklands blow for UK oil company Map of Falklands  The shares in Desire Petroleum drilling for oil off the Falkand islands halved, after it revealed the existing supply may not be commercially viable

  South Korea No signs of life in search of sunken ship  Divers have been hammering on the hulls of the front and rear sections of a patrol ship Cheonan, but no signs of life have been detected

  Morocco Search for missing UAE fund manager  Rescue teams continued searching for the managing director of the Abu Dhabi Investment Fund, missing after the plane he was traveling in crashed

Day News

  Moscow   Bombing masterminds 'will be destroyed'   Russian leaders: The masterminds behind a double suicide bombing on the Moscow Metro will be 'destroyed'

  South Korea N. Korean mine 'may have sunk warship'  A mine laid by North Korea during the 1950-53 Korean War may have caused the blast which sank a warship from the South

  Tribal Areas Clashes claim 26 militants, militia leader  Militants attacked a Pakistani security force convoy in the one of the seven districts of tribal region bordering Afghanistan. Security forces fired back

  Kandahar Offensive in Kandahar due in June  The Nato-led coalition in Afghanistan will launch a long-planned offensive in the southern city of Kandahar in June

Evening News

  China   Rio sacks staff jailed by China for bribery  Rio Tinto quickly distanced itself from four of its employees convicted for bribes and stealing secrets by sacking the men for 'deplorable behaviour'

  Moscow   Moscow mourns victims of Metro bombings  Moscow is holding an official day of mourning for the 39 people killed in twin suicide bombings on the city's Metro

  Pakistan Yousuf quits international cricket  Ex-Pakistan captain Mohammad Yousuf has quit international cricket after he was hit with an indefinite suspension

  Canada G8 unveils Afghan-Pakistan plan  The ministers of G8 group of industrial countries has announced an economic initiative targeting the Afghan-Pakistan border

  Germany Church launches sex abuse hotline  The Roman Catholic Church in Germany is launching a telephone hotline for victims of sexual abuse, that will be run from the city of Trier

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