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03-31 Kenyan leaders could face charges Kenya
C. 03-31 Americans face terror trial in Pakistan Sargodha, Pakistan
3. 03-31 UN chief urges support for $4bn Haiti plan UN
4. 03-31 Iran nuclear scientist Amiri 'defects to US' Iran
F. 03-31 Bad weather halts search for sailors South Korea
G. 03-31 India and Pakistan unite in marriage India
7. 03-31 Yassir Arman quits presidential poll Sudan
I. 03-31 Chechen rebel claims Metro blasts Moscow
J. 03-31 Two aircraft came too close over SF San Francisco Bay Area


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Morning News

Mar.31   Kenya     Kenyan leaders could face charges  Pretrial judges at the International Criminal Court on authorized a prosecutor to investigate Kenya's post-election violence

  Pakistan     Americans face terror trial in Pakistan Map of Sargodha Pakistan  Five Americans accused of plotting attacks on Pakistan face up to life imprisonment in a terror trial that opened in the city of Sargodha

  UN     UN chief urges support for $4bn Haiti plan  UN chief Ban Ki-moon has opened a fundraising conference on Haiti by calling for a 'wholesale national renewal' of the earthquake-hit country

  Iran Iran nuclear scientist Amiri 'defects to US'  Shahram Amiri who has been missing since June had been resettled in the US and was helping the CIA to block Iran's nuclear program

  South Korea Bad weather halts search for sailors  The military suspended its search for missing sailors because of high winds spawned by stormy weather

Day News

  India   India and Pakistan unite in marriage  Tennis player Sania Mirza in her Twitter page thanks well-wishers following the announcement of her marriage to Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik

  Sudan Yassir Arman quits presidential poll  A leading contender for president of Sudan has withdrawn his candidacy, casting more doubt over the first fully-contested poll since 1986

  Moscow Chechen rebel claims Metro blasts  Rebel leader Doku Umarov says he ordered the attacks on the Moscow Metro, as Russia buries blast victims.

  San Francisco Bay Area Two aircraft came too close over SF  A United Airlines Boeing 777 jetliner came dangerously close to a small Cessna aircraft over San Francisco. A collision avoidance system sounded

Evening News

  Haiti     UN Haiti donor pledges surpass targets
  The international community has pledged a total of $9.9bn in immediate and long-term aid to earthquake-hit Haiti at a UN donor conference

  Saudi Arabia   Beheading planned in Saudi sorcery case
  Lawyer: A Lebanese man charged with sorcery and sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia is scheduled to be beheaded on Friday

  India India launches 'biometric' census  India is launching a census in which every person over the age of 15 will be photographed and fingerprinted to create a biometric national database

  Washington NKorea defector touts ideology over force  Hwang Jang-yop, North Korea's highest-ranking defector said 'deological warfare,' not military action, would help topple the regime of Kim Jong Il

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