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B. 03-06 Goal-line technology idea dropped Global
2. 03-06 UK's Brown visits troops in Afghanistan Camp Bastion, Helmand
D. 03-06 Taliban leader in Swat Valley killed NW Pakistan
4. 03-06 Rajapaksa dismisses human rights panel Sri Lanka
03-06 Togo president 'wins re-election' Togo
6. 03-06 Plan to repay Icesave debts rejected Iceland
H. 03-06 Robbers raid hotel poker tournament Berlin
I. 03-06 At least 3 killed by blast near shrine Najaf, Southern Iraq
9. 03-06 Polls open for Iraq national election Iraq


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Morning News

Mar.6   Global   Goal-line technology idea dropped  The International Football Association Board has ruled out the use of goal-line technology and video replays

  Helmand     UK's Brown visits troops in Afghanistan Map of Camp Bastion Afghanistan  Prime Minister Gordon Brown paid a surprise visit to British troops. He went to Camp Bastion, the main British base in Helmand province

  NW Pakistan Taliban leader in Swat Valley killed  More than two dozen militants were killed in a Pakistani military airstrike that targeted high-value Taliban leaders

  Sri Lanka Rajapaksa dismisses human rights panel  President Mahinda Rajapaksa has denounced plans by UN chief to ask a panel of experts to look into human rights issues on the island

Day News

  Togo   Togo president 'wins re-election'
Map of Togo
  The current president Faure Gnassingbe, son of a late dictator, has won re-election in a disputed vote, electoral authorities say
 He had beaten opposition challenger Jean-Pierre Fabre

  Iceland   Plan to repay Icesave debts rejected
  Voters in Iceland have overwhelmingly rejected proposals to pay the UK and the Netherlands in the wake of collapse of the Icesave bank

  Berlin   Robbers raid hotel poker tournament  Robbers - armed with assault rifles and hand grenades - have stormed a luxury hotel in central Berlin where a poker tournament was taking place

  Southern Iraq At least 3 killed by blast near shrine  A parked car rigged with explosives blew up near a Shiite shrine Ali Holy Shrine in the holy city of Najaf. 54 others were injured

Evening News

  Iraq   Polls open for Iraq national election  Voters headed to the polls to elect a 325-member parliament. It is Iraq's fifth nationwide vote since 2003, and the second for a full 4-year-term

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