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Crime Main Event: Election hit by insurgent ...
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03-07 Election hit by insurgent attacks Iraq
2. 03-07 Attack on town kills more than 100 Jos, Nigeria
D. 03-07 Chile mourns victims of earthquake Chile
4. 03-07 American al Qaeda arrested in Pakistan Karachi
F. 03-07 Djokovic wins marathon tie Serbia
G. 03-07 Obama hails Iraq election 'milestone' Washington
7. 03-07 Suicide bombing kills 11 Lahore
I. 03-07 'Hurt Locker' is best picture, wins 6 Oscars Los Angeles
J. 03-07 President puts forces on alert Jos, Nigeria


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Morning News

Mar.7   Iraq   Election hit by insurgent attacks
  Violent attacks on election day didn't stop large numbers of Iraqis from casting their votes in key parliamentary elections
 2 buildings were destroyed in Baghdad and dozens of mortars were fired across the capital and elsewhere

  Nigeria   Attack on town kills more than 100 Map of Jos Nigeria
  The attacks in the town of Dogo Nahauwa, just south of Jos, resembled earlier outbreaks of ethno-religious violence

  Chile Chile mourns victims of earthquake  Chile marks 3 days of mourning, with every house to hang the national flag in memory of those who perished in a massive earthquake

  Karachi American al Qaeda arrested in Pakistan  Adam Gadahn, an American spokesman for al Qaeda has been arrested, after Islamist sites posted video of Gadahn praising a shooting rampage

Day News

  Serbia Djokovic wins marathon tie  World number two beat John Isner in a grueling 4h 16 min. encounter to secure Serbia's passage into the quarterfinals of the Davis Cup

  Washington Obama hails Iraq election 'milestone'  US President has hailed a 'milestone' in the history of Iraq, as it completed its second parliamentary election since the 2003 invasion

Evening News

  Lahore   Suicide bombing kills 11
Map of Lahore
  The blast occurred in an affluent part of Model Town, it injured more than 60 others. The explosives brought down the 2-storey building

  Los Angeles     'Hurt Locker' is best picture, wins 6 Oscars
  Kathryn Bigelow's 'The Hurt Locker' at the Academy Awards is taking home the best picture -- defeating James Cameron's 'Avatar'

  Nigeria President puts forces on alert  Acting President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered security forces to prevent more weapons being brought into the area around the city of Jos

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