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Crime Main Event: Blasts kill at least 63
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11-02 Blasts kill at least 63 Baghdad
2. 11-02 Parcel bomb sent to Angela Merkel Berlin
D. 11-02 US votes in crunch mid-term polls USA
E. 11-02 Tomas leaves five dead on St. Lucia Saint Lucia
5. 11-02 Yemen plans to prosecute al-Awlaki Yemen
G. 11-02 BP back to profit after oil spill England
7. 11-02 Authorities give go-ahead to execute Tehran
I. 11-02 Aviation chief calls for security overhaul Frankfurt, West Germany
J. 11-02 Man saves woman during shark attack Garden Island, Western Australia


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Morning News

Nov.2   Baghdad   Blasts kill at least 63
  285 others were wounded in a series of explosions across the capital. The blasts included 14 car bombs, two roadside bombs and mortar attacks

  Berlin     Parcel bomb sent to Angela Merkel
  Greece has suspended international air mail for 48 hours after several parcel bombs were sent on Tuesday, including one to German Chancellor

  USA   US votes in crunch mid-term polls  Voters are going to the polls in the US mid-term elections which will see a new House of Representatives and a third of the Senate elected

  Saint Lucia   Tomas leaves five dead on St. Lucia Map of Saint Lucia  At least two people are missin. The storm hit St. Lucia as a Category 1 hurricane on Sunday morning and caused major damage

  Yemen Yemen plans to prosecute al-Awlaki  Yemeni prosecutors accused an American-born militant cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, with incitement to kill foreigners

  England BP back to profit after oil spill  Oil giant has announced a return to profit in the three months to September after last quarter's record loss

  Tehran Authorities give go-ahead to execute  Authorities in Tehran have given the go-ahead to execute a woman who initially was sentenced to death by stoning

  West Germany Aviation chief calls for security overhaul  Outdated security systems introduced to combat plane hijackings 40 years ago must be overhauled to address new terrorism threats

  Western Australia Man saves woman during shark attack  A quick-thinking man grabbed a shark by the tail as it attacked an Australian woman, causing the shark to release its bite on her

Day News

  USA   Republicans build up Senate seats   Early results in the US mid-term elections are looking bad for President Barack Obama's government with a series of Republican Senate wins
 Republicans have taken at least 3 seats from the Democrats - in Arkansas, Indiana and North Dakota. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, won in Florida and Kentucky

  Colombia Police raid drug assets office  Police have raided the offices of the body which controls assets seized from drug traffickers. Anomalies had emerged in the book-keeping

Evening News

  Washington   Republicans win House, Dems keep Senate
  US Republicans have ridden a wave of economic discontent to capture the House but President Obama's party has kept the Senate
 GOP has picked up nine governorships from Democrats. Republicans took six Senate seats from the Democrats but they fell short of victory. John Boehner is the likely new House Speaker

  California   Brown elected next governor of California  72-year-old Democrat Jerry Brown is defying an era of term limits to return to the office he held 28 years ago

  Texas Bush memoir confesses Iraq regret  Former US President George W Bush still has 'a sickening feeling' about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

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