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NATO uses attack helicopters Map of Yefren Libya  NATO used attack helicopters for the first time as part of its military operation aimed at increasing pressure on Gadhafi's regime 4 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan NATO official: Gadhafi a legitimate target NATO doesn't rule out bombing Rom. ruins New explosions rock Libyan capital Tripoli 'Nato strike kills five' Map of Tripoli Libya
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1. 03-08 NATO starts 24/7 surveillance of Libya Libya
C. 03-10 Nato 'kills Hamid Karzai cousin' Southern Afghanistan
03-24 NATO to enforce Libyan no-fly zone NATO
4. 03-25 NATO taking command of no-fly zone NATO
5. 03-26 NATO: civilians 'accidentally killed' Helmand
G. 03-27 NATO approves expanded role in Libya NATO
H. 04-05 Libya rebels 'disappointed' by NATO Libya
I. 04-07 Nato raid kills Libyan rebels Ajdabiya, Eastern Libya
J. 04-07 Nato 'in Libya rebel hit apology' Libya

NATO airstrikes shake Tripoli Nato 'must widen' Libya targets   NATO aircraft target Tripoli's seaport Map of Tripoli Libya  The aircraft targeted warships overnight, striking 8 of Gadhafi's vessels in the seaport Nato strikes hit Libya warships Deadly Pakistan Nato tanker blast Libya blames NATO for crisis New alleged al Qaeda tape slams NATO NATO pounds Tripoli; government: 3 dead   Aircraft launched more than a dozen strikes and smoke could be seen rising from the area near Gadhafi's Bab-al-Azizia compound Nato steps up Libya air strikes   Suicide blast: 1 general killed, 1 injured Map of Taloqan Afghanistan
  NATO to enforce Libyan no-fly zone  Members agreed to take over enforcement of the no-fly zone, but not as a license to attack government troops NATO: civilians 'accidentally killed'   NATO approves expanded role in Libya   North Atlantic Council approved an operations plan that will shift the entire Libyan military mission to alliance command Libya rebels 'disappointed' by NATO   Nato raid kills Libyan rebels Map of Ajdabiya Libya  Rebels in eastern Libya say their forces have been mistakenly hit by a Nato air strike, and at least 13 rebel fighters are said to have been killed. Nato 'in Libya rebel hit apology' Nato ministers to discuss Libya Rebels question NATO as fighting continues 8 NATO troops killed in one day in Afgh-an   Nato strike hits Gaddafi compound Map of Tripoli Libya

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Mar.8  NATO starts 24/7 surveillance of Libya
Mar.10  Nato 'kills Hamid Karzai cousin'
Mar.25  NATO taking command of no-fly zone

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  An air strike on the Libyan capital Tripoli has badly damaged buildings in Col Muammar Gaddafi's compound by at least two powerful missiles
 Nato is targeting Libyan government forces as they try to quell a revolt

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  Injured Maj. Gen. Markus Kneip is a German office and the regional head of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in 9 provinces.    Gen Mohammad Daud Daud, the police commander for northern Afghanista...

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  At least five people have died in a Nato air strike that hit a house in the Libyan capital, Libyan government officials say
Jun.19   Nato probes Libya 'civilian' raid   Nato is investigating Libyan government claims that it bombed a residential area of the capital, Tripoli, killing several civilians   Nato admits Tripoli target error   Nato has admitted 'a weapons systems failure' may have led to civilian casualties in morning's air strike in the Libyan capital Jun.22     Gadhafi calls to investigate NATO attack  Libyan leader called for the U.N. Security Council to carry out an independent mission on NATO attack in the city of Surman Jun.25 Libya says NATO strikes kill 15 civilians Jun.28   Nato quells hotel assault  Helicopters have been called in to strike militants on the roof of a hotel in the capital, that was attacked by suicide bombers and gunmen

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Jul.16 Man in Afghan uniform kills NATO soldier
Jul.17 Petraeus hands on Afghan command Jul.19 Nato to hand over key Afghan city Jul.24 Gunbattle leaves 80 militants dead Jul.29   Nato air strike targets Libyan TV   Nato says it has disabled three Libyan state TV satellite transmission dishes in the capital, Tripoli, through a 'precision air strike'

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Aug.4 Afghan official, NATO troops die in attacks
Aug.11 5 NATO service members killed Aug.26     UK jets target Gaddafi bastion   British Tornado jets fired precision-guided missiles at a large bunker in Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte

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Sep.11 NATO: 2 killed, 77 injured in Taliban attack
Sep.13   Troops end Kabul day-long attack   Afghan forces have killed the last insurgents who attacked the US embassy, Nato HQ and police buildings, after a 19-hour stand-off Sep.29   8 NATO troops die in Afgha-n in 2 days  Eight NATO troops have died in Afghanistan over the past two days, seven of them from war-related causes

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Oct.27     U.N. ends NATO mission in Libya
  The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously Thursday to end military operations in Libya
Oct.31 NATO officially ends Libya mission Monday

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Nov.20 Trucks carrying fuel for NATO torched
Nov.25   Nato 'hits Pakistan checkpoint'   Pakistani officials have accused Nato helicopters of firing on a military checkpoint near Afghan border, killing at least 12 soldiers Nov.26     Nato admits Pakistan troop deaths
  Nato spokesman: It is 'highly likely' that Nato aircraft were behind a deadly overnight raid on a Pakistani border checkpoint
 Pakistan says at least 24 soldiers were killed. Prime Minister Gilani called it 'outrageous'. Pakistan is blocking Nato supply convoys, and ordering a review of co-operation and demanded the US vacate the remote Shamsi airbase
    Nato raid prompts Pakistan review   Pakistan has ordered a review of all co-operation with the US and Nato after the alliance struck a Pakistani army checkpoint, killing at least...

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Dec.4     Afghan conference as Nato eye exit   A major international conference on Afghanistan's future is due to open in the German city of Bonn on Monday Dec.11   Pakistan to keep Nato convoy ban
  Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani: Pakistan may continue its blocking of Nato convoys into Afghanistan for several weeks

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