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Massive flooding could continue for weeks  Vast flooding covering much of eastern Australia could remain for weeks, as more than 1,200 residents remain out of deluged homes Australia's PM: Flooding expected to rise  While floodwaters in Australia have begun to recede in some areas, the worst could still be on the way for at least one city 8 dead, 70 missing in flash flood Map of Toowoomba Queensland Australia  The number of people missing after flash floods swept cars off roads in the eastern Australian city of Toowoomba Australia floods menace Brisbane Map of Brisbane Australia  Police have urged the evacuation of parts of Brisbane - as the biggest floods in years approach the Queensland state capital Brisbane braces for flood surge   Thousands of people have been urged to leave parts of Australia's third largest city, which is facing its worst flooding in decades Flood fears worsen for Brisbane   Up to 20,000 homes are now at risk in Brisbane as deadly floodwaters surge towards Australia's third-largest city Brisbane flood levels reach peak Map of Brisbane Australia
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Australian flooding claims victim   A woman swept from the road in her car has become the first victim of widespread flooding in the state of Queensland Floods surge in Queensland city   Floodwaters in the city of Rockhampton are rising faster than expected. The city has already been badly hit Supplies flown to Queensland city Map of Rockhampton Queensland Australia  Military aircraft are flying supplies into the Australian city of Rockhampton, where rising flood waters have cut off all but one access route Australian floods 'to last weeks'   Seasonal flooding had left thousands of people without homes and claimed nine lives across Queensland state Queensland braces for flood peak   The city of Rockhampton is bracing itself as devastating flood waters are expected to reach their highest levels in the next 12-18 hours City Rockhampton hitting flood peak Map of Rockhampton Queensland Australia
Australia facing 'biblical' flood

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  A senior official has warned of the economic impact of flooding in Queensland, describing the disaster as one of 'biblical proportions'
  Flood preparations in the inundated Australian city of Rockhampton are being put to the test as river Fitzroy levels hit their peak
  The city of Brisbane has woken to widespread flooding, although the peak level is a meter lower than feared
 Dozens of suburbs and thousands of properties are inundated. The death toll went up to 15; dozens more reported missing. In Brisbane a 24-year-old man was killed after being sucked into a storm water drain as he tried to check his father's property
Jan.13   Brisbane begins floods clean-up   Australia's third largest city has begun to clean up mud and debris in some areas, as floodwaters begin to recede Jan.16   Official: 'Homes and lives torn apart'  Recovering from flooding in northeastern Australia will be a 'reconstruction task of post-war proportions,' a top official in Queensland state... Jan.17   Toll climbs as search continues for missing  The death toll from flooding in the northeastern Australian state has risen to 20. Authorities were still searching for 12 people missing Jan.31     149-mph cyclone could hit Australia  Many are concerned that Yasi could mean setbacks for the coal-mining sector of the region, which was socked by recent massive flooding

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Feb.1     Cyclone poses 'serious threat to life'  A huge tropical cyclone has strengthened to a Category 5 and its landfall is 'likely to be more life threatening than any experienced'   Evacuations urged ahead of Cyclone Yasi
Map of Cairns Australia
  Officals are urging residents in parts of Queensland to flee ahead of the most dangerous storm ever predicted to hit the state
Feb.2     Powerful cyclone slams into Queensland Map of Cairns Australia
  More than 170,000 homes are without power after a massive cyclone slammed into the already flood-ravaged northern Australian state
  Queensland survives Cyclone Yasi
Map of Innisfail Australia  Cyclone Yasi has battered the state of Queensland in north-eastern Australia, leaving a trail of destruction with no known deaths Feb.3   Queensland battles cyclone debris Map of Cardwell Australia  Australians have begin counting the cost of the worst storm in a century and have found one man dead amid huge swathes of destruction

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B. 01-01 Australia facing 'biblical' flood Queensland
C. 01-01 Australian flooding claims victim Queensland
D. 01-02 Floods surge in Queensland city
E. 01-02 Supplies flown to Queensland city
F. 01-03 Australian floods 'to last weeks' Queensland
G. 01-04 Queensland braces for flood peak
01-04 City Rockhampton hitting flood peak
I. 01-05 Massive flooding could continue for weeks Queensland
J. 01-08 Australia's PM: Flooding expected to rise Queensland

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