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China shuts down fake Apple shops   China has moved to shut down several fake Apple stores found in Kunming city Premier visits crash, pledges investigation   Acknowledging strong public anger and skepticism over the government's handling, Wen Jiabao promised a thorough investigation   Biden assures China on US debt   United States Vice-President Joe Biden, who is visiting China, has said the US would never default on its debt   China deluged by typhoon Nesat Map of Guangxi Zhuang China  Flood waters threatened a large swath of southeastern China as rainfall incited rivers across the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Tibetan nun dies setting herself ablaze
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Flood Main Event: Bullet train derails, cars...
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B. 03-10 China quake kills at least 16 Yunnan, Southern China
C. 03-24 Quake hits Myanmar near China borders Myanmar
D. 03-31 China executes three Filipinos Xiamen, Southern China
E. 05-25 'Urgent problems' with Three Gorges Dam Three Gorges Dam, Southern China
5. 06-06 Fatal China floods follow drought Guizhou, Southern China
6. 06-17 Deadly floods hit China Zhejiang, Southern China
7. 06-20 Massive flooding affects millions in China Zhejiang, Southern China
8. 07-03 Floods at China mines trap '40' Guangxi, Southern China
07-23 Bullet train derails, cars fall off bridge Zhejiang, Southern China

Massive flooding affects millions in China   At least 175 people have died from flooding this month in southern and eastern China. Another 86 people are missing Floods at China mines trap '40'   Rescuers are trying to reach more than 40 workers in two coal mines after one pit was flooded and the other caved in Bullet train derails, cars fall off bridge Map of Zhejiang China
China quake kills at least 16   The 5.4-magnitude earthquake hit near the border with Myanmar. It collapsed houses in the remote Yingjiang county in Yunnan province   Quake hits Myanmar near China borders  A powerful 6.8 earthquake hit Myanmar Thursday near its borders with China, Thailand and Laos China executes three Filipinos   Three Philippine nationals convicted of drug trafficking in China were executed by lethal injection 'Urgent problems' with Three Gorges Dam   In a rare admission, the government is warning of environmental, construction and migration 'disasters' amid the worst drought Fatal China floods follow drought   At least 14 people have been killed in raging flood waters that have swept through Guizhou province where scores of people are missing Deadly floods hit China Map of Zhejiang China

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  Another round of torrential rains has flooded a once drought-stricken region, killing 25 people and leaving 25 missing

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  At least two cars of a high-speed bullet train fell off a bridge late Saturday after a derailment in eastern Zhejiang province
 At least 32 people have died and more than 100 are hurt

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  A nun has died after setting herself on fire in southwestern China, the first Tibetan woman known to have killed herself in this way
Oct.19   Woman rescued toddler left for dead Map of Foshan China  Two hit-and-run drivers rammed into Wang Yue, 2, one after another, as she walked on a narrrow street Oct.20   Chinese hit-and-run toddler dies Map of Guangdong China
  Wang Yue, a two-year-old girl in southern China, who was run over by two vans and ignored by 18 passers-by, has died

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Nov.4   Second Tibetan nun burns to death
  A Buddhist nun in southwest China has died after setting herself on fire, the 11th Tibetan -- and second nun -- to self-immolate since March

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Dec.7   China executes 'gangland madam'
Map of Chongqing China  Wang Ziqi, the female head of a gangland prostitution ring in Chongqing in south-west China, has been executed Dec.14   Protest worsens in after villager death Map of Guangdong China  A stand-off between villagers and the authorities is continuing in Guangdong province. Police have blocked roads leading to the village of Wukan Dec.28   Bullet train crash 'caused by design flaws' Map of Wenzhou China  A bullet train crash which killed 40 people in July was caused by design flaws and sloppy management, the Chinese government says Dec.31     Chinese man dies of bird flu Map of Shenzhen China
  A 39-year-old bus driver in southern China died Saturday from what appears to be a contagious strain of avian flu

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