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Police, students clash in Sudan's capital Southern Sudan votes to split from north  Final results of last month's referendum show an overwhelming majority of southern Sudanese voted to split from the north 105 dead in Southern Sudan clashes Sudan expels French medical aid group Sudan's president won't seek re-election Sudan blames Israel for air strike   Sudan's government says Israel carried out an air strike on a car near the city of Port Sudan on the Red Sea coast which killed two people 57 dead in Southern Sudan violence Northern Sudan takes border town Map of Abyei Southern Sudan  The Northern Sudanese Army says it has taken control of Abyei, a contested area on the border with southern Sudan UN urges North Sudan out of Abyei Khartoum of bombing Unity State 'Huge suffering' from Sudan bombs Map of South Kordofan Southern Sudan  The UN has accused the Sudanese government of carrying out an 'intensive bombing campaign' near the north-south border   Obama calls for Sudan ceasefire   US President Barack Obama has called for a ceasefire in Sudan, following an upsurge in fighting in the South Kordofan region   Sudan, Southern Sudan reach Abyei deal  Representatives of two sides have signed an agreement calling for the immediate withdrawal of Sudanese troops from the disputed region   Red Sea boat sinking 'kills 197' Map of Red Sea Sudan
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Thousands vote in S. Sudan amid violence Vote on whether to split Sudan ends  Polling stations across Southern Sudan began counting ballots cast in a weeklong referendum whose result could split the country into two Sudanese diaspora vote for secession South Sudan urges war forgiveness 99% vote to split in Southern Sudan
President will accept referendum results Eyes out for potential vote spoilers South Sudan greets Bashir words   Bashir: Sudan not ready for split  Sudan President Omar al-Bashir has warned that Southern Sudan will face instability if it votes to secede from the north Kiir in Sudan pre-vote peace call Southern Sudanese voters head to polls

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  Tens of thousands of people across Southern Sudan went to the polls in a historic referendum that they say is a vote for freedom
  98.83% of Southern Sudanese voted to split from the north, organizers reported, marking the first complete preliminary results
 The referendum on whether to declare independence from the government in the north is part of a peace agreement. The war was between a government dominated by Arab Muslims against black Christians or animists in the south. Several million voters cast ballots, including expatriates in other countries. A majority of oil reserves are in the south.

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  About 200 people drowned when a boat carrying migrants to Saudi Arabia sank off the Sudanese coast
Jul.8   South Sudan to become newest nation Map of Juba Southern Sudan
  It's the climax of a process made possible by the 2005 peace deal that ended a long and bloody civil war
Jul.9   South Sudan raises national flag Map of Juba Southern Sudan
  Tens of thousands of South Sudanese have watched the raising of the new country's flag at an independence ceremony in the capital
 Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon are among dignitaries attending celebrations in the capital
  World leaders welcome new nation  Leaders across the globe have been sending their congratulations to South Sudan on the day it became the world's newest nation Jul.14     South Sudan becomes U.N. member  South Sudan officially became the 193rd member of the United Nations, capping a flurry of activities that started with its independence Jul.15   U.N. report describes widespread violence   A United Nations report details new allegations of violence, including mass graves, in the volatile border state of Southern Kordofan

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Aug.23   South Sudan clashes kill 600   The U.N. on Monday called for reconciliation in the newly-established Republic of South Sudan Aug.24   Images show more mass graves in Sudan   A U.S. satellite project has found evidence of additional mass graves, a day after the Sudanese president called for a unilateral cease-fire

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Sep.8   Sudanese deal reached over Abyei  Sudan and newly independent South Sudan have agreed to withdraw their troops from the disputed town of Abyei by the end of the mont

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Oct.11   U.N. peacekeepers killed in Darfur   Three United Nations peacekeepers were killed in an ambush in a camp for displaced people in Sudan's Darfur region, the global body

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Nov.12   Aid workers moved to safety amid violence   Oxfam will relocate workers and scale back operations in Upper Nile state following a surge of violence along the border with Sudan Nov.28     Court: government must arrest al-Bashir
  the Kenyan High Court ruled that Sudan's president must be arrested if he sets foot on Kenya. Sudan ordered Kenya's ambassador to leave the country

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Dec.30   South Sudan town to get U.N. protection   The remote town of Pibor in South Sudan faces an imminent attack by thousands of fighters engaged in ethnic clashes in the war-torn region

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1. 01-01 President will accept referendum results Sudan
2. 01-03 Eyes out for potential vote spoilers Southern Sudan
D. 01-04 South Sudan greets Bashir words Southern Sudan
E. 01-07 Bashir: Sudan not ready for split Sudan
5. 01-08 Kiir in Sudan pre-vote peace call Southern Sudan
01-09 Southern Sudanese voters head to polls Southern Sudan
7. 01-10 Thousands vote in S. Sudan amid violence Sudan
8. 01-15 Vote on whether to split Sudan ends Southern Sudan

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