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U.N. calls to restore stability Unity cabinet to hold first meeting   Tunisia's national cabinet is set to meet for the first time, amid a row over the presence of members of the previous government in key posi... Protesters inspired by Tunisian ripple Ben Ali family members 'arrested' Government lifts ban on political groups  Tunisia's new government will recognize political groups banned under the regime of ousted Ben Ali and grant amnesty to all political prisoners Interim PM promises free elections Tunisian PM vows to leave power Pressure on Tunisian PM increases  The protesters have been stepping up calls for Mohamed Ghannouchi and his cabinet to resign. The main trade union has begun a march on the c... Two allies of Tunisia's Ben Ali 'detained' Tunisia in big cabinet reshuffle Tunisian Islamist leader returns Police shoot dead at least two at protest Tunisia suspends ex-ruling party Tunisia seeks Ben Ali extradition Police use tear gas on demonstrators Three killed in anti-government protests   3 people have been killed in clashes between hundreds of demonstrators and security forces in the Tunisian capital Tunisian PM resigns over protests   Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi has announced on state TV that he is resigning - a key demand of demonstrators Libya exodus sparks border crisis
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  Prison riots amid Tunisia unrest  Nearly 50 people have been reported killed in shooting and rioting at two prisons, amid continuing unrest following the removal of Ben Ali   Speaker takes over Tunisian presidency  Fouad Mebazaa called for 'a new phase' in his embattled land, envisioning 'a better political life which will include democracy, plurality'   Tunisian swears in interim president  Tunisia has sworn in Foued Mebazaa as looting and deadly jail riots rocked the country, a day after President Ben Ali was swept from power   Battles in Tunis as key aide held  Gunfire broke out in the capital as officials scrambled to form a new government. Ex-head of presidential security is arrested   Tunisia announces new government  Tunisia has formed a national unity government, prime minister Mohammed Ghannouchi has announced, days after a popular revolt N. Africa hit by wave of self-immolation
Fresh deadly unrest hits Tunisia Tunisian leader to retire in 2014   Tunisian president flees; PM takes reins Map of Tunis Tunisia

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  Army tanks and armored personnel carriers patrolled Tunis, a day after Ghannouchi announced that he is the interim president
 Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali has fled with his family to Saudi Arabia, after being forced from office after 23 years in power
  In Tunisia Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in protest. Egypt, Algeria, and Mauritania demonstrators are turning to self-immolation

February 2011 ... more > Top ^
  Libya's border with Tunisia is being overrun with migrants, many of them from Egypt, fleeing turmoil in Libya

March 2011 ... more > Top ^
Mar.3   President Fouad Mebazaa calls election  Interim president Fouad Mebazaa has announced details of new elections promised after the overthrow of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali Mar.4   Thousands of refugees pour out of Libya  The evacuation of the tens of thousands of refugees who stream across the Libyan border to Tunisia has stepped up dramatically Mar.7 Migrant influx hits Italy island Mar.9 Party of ousted president disbanded

May 2011 ... more > Top ^
May.17 Libyan oil minister 'defects'

June 2011 ... more > Top ^
Jun.2 Hundreds missing in coast boat accident
Jun.12 Libya rebels 'armed via Tunisia' Jun.13 Tunisian ex-president to be tried Jun.20   Ben Ali sentenced to jail in absentia
  A court has sentenced ex-President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his wife Leila to 35 years for embezzlement and misusing public funds

July 2011 ... more > Top ^
Jul.18     Libyan, U.S. officials hold talks
  Washington says the sole point of the meeting was to repeat its demand that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi 'must go'

October 2011 ... more > Top ^
Oct.22 Tunisia to vote in historic poll Oct.23   Tunisia votes in historic free election  Nearly 70% of voters have turned out to cast their ballot in Tunisia's election, the first free poll of the Arab Spring Tunisia counts votes in key poll Oct.24   Moderate Islamist party claims election
  Tunisia's moderate Islamist party, Ennahda, is claiming victory in the country's first democratic elections Oct.27   Islamists win Tunisia's elections
  Tunisia's moderate Islamist Ennahda party has won the country's first democratic elections after the Arab Spring uprisings
 Ennahda won more than 41% of the vote, securing 90 seats in the 217-member parliament
  Tunisia violence follows poll win   Violent protests have erupted in central Tunisia, after the results of the country's first democratic elections in decades were announced

November 2011 ... more > Top ^
Nov.21   Coalition agrees top government posts  Tunisia's three main parties have decided on who will hold the top posts in a power-sharing government

December 2011 ... more > Top ^
Dec.16   Syria opposition stages congress  The Syrian National Council, a coalition of groups opposed to President Bashar al-Assad, is holding its first congress in Tunisia

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B. 01-08 Fresh deadly unrest hits Tunisia Thala, Tunisia
2. 01-13 Tunisian leader to retire in 2014 Tunisia
01-14 Tunisian president flees; PM takes reins Tunis, Tunisia
E. 01-15 Prison riots amid Tunisia unrest Tunisia
5. 01-15 Speaker takes over Tunisian presidency Tunisia
6. 01-15 Tunisian swears in interim president Tunisia
H. 01-16 Battles in Tunis as key aide held Tunisia
I. 01-17 Tunisia announces new government Tunisia
J. 01-17 N. Africa hit by wave of self-immolation Tunisia

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