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Crime Main Event: Deadly attack rocks Belgia...
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12-13 Deadly attack rocks Belgian city Liege, Belgium
C. 12-13 Report: Iran says it can control drone Iran
3. 12-13 Sandusky skips Penn State hearing Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
E. 12-13 Army defectors kill 7 government forces Syria
5. 12-13 Jewish 'terrorists' attack Israeli base West Bank
6. 12-13 Police seek Liege attack motive Liege, Belgium
H. 12-13 Canada under fire over Kyoto exit Canada
8. 12-13 Man kills two Senegalese traders Florence, Northern Italy
9. 12-13 Saudi woman beheaded for 'witchcraft' Qariyat, Saudi Arabia


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Morning News

Dec.13   Belgium   Deadly attack rocks Belgian city Map of Liege Belgium
  A gunman has opened fire in the centre of the Belgian city of Liege, killing at least three people and wounding 75
 Nordine Amrani also threw grenades into a crowded square from a rooftop before killing himself

  Iran   Report: Iran says it can control drone  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that his country has 'been able to control' the U.S. drone that Iran claims it recently brought down
 Iran rejects a US call for the return of the drone, saying Washington should apologise for invading its airspace

  Pennsylvania Sandusky skips Penn State hearing  A former US football coach at Penn State University has briefly appeared in court but waived his right to a hearing on child abuse charges

  Syria Army defectors kill 7 government forces  Syrian army defectors killed seven government security forces in an attack on a convoy, a strike in response to the killings of 11 civilians

  West Bank Jewish 'terrorists' attack Israeli base  In an attack around 50 right-wing Israeli extremists infiltrated and attacked the Ephraim Regional Division Headquarters

Day News

  Belgium   Police seek Liege attack motive Map of Liege Belgium  Police in Belgium are trying to determine what motivated a local man to open fire on a busy marketplace in Liege, killing at least four people

  Canada Canada under fire over Kyoto exit  Several countries have criticised Canada for formally withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol on climate change

  Northern Italy Man kills two Senegalese traders  An Italian man has opened fire in two markets in central Florence, killing two Senegalese traders and injuring three others

  Saudi Arabia Saudi woman beheaded for 'witchcraft'  Amina bint Abdel Halim Nassar was executed Monday for having 'committed the practice of witchcraft and sorcery'

Evening News

  Washington Iraq PM calls for US investment  Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, has called on US business leaders to invest in his country to help it recover from years of war

  Egypt Egypt starts next round of voting  Egyptian voters are going to the polls for the second round in the country's lengthy post-revolution election process

  New York Elizabeth Taylor's jewels up for auction  A collection of jewels owned by late actress Dame Elizabeth Taylor is being auctioned at Christie's in New York

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