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Politics Main Event: FBI to probe Murdoch's ...
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07-14 FBI to probe Murdoch's company FBI
2. 07-14 South Sudan becomes U.N. member UN
3. 07-14 Latest attacks raise security concerns Mumbai
E. 07-14 Libyan spokesman: 'We will die for oil' Brega, Libya
F. 07-14 Amateur makes Open history Kent, England
G. 07-14 Sanchez takes Stage 12; Contador 7th LUZ-ARDIDEN, Southern France
7. 07-14 US debt talks deadlock drags on Washington
8. 07-14 Italy Senate passes tough budget Rome
J. 07-14 Kenya to open new drought camp Kenya


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Morning News

Jul.14   FBI   FBI to probe Murdoch's company
  A report that employees or associates may have attempted to hack into phone conversations and voice mail of September 11 survivors

  UN South Sudan becomes U.N. member  South Sudan officially became the 193rd member of the United Nations, capping a flurry of activities that started with its independence

  Mumbai Latest attacks raise security concerns  Indian authorities received no warnings about the three deadly blasts that rocked Mumbai; No group has been singled out for blame

  Libya Libyan spokesman: 'We will die for oil'  Libya's government accused rebels and the NATO military alliance of carrying out a coordinated air, sea, and land attack on Brega

  England Amateur makes Open history  Thomas Bjorn overcame the recent death of his father to shoot a superb five-under-par 65 despite difficult early conditions

  Southern France Sanchez takes Stage 12; Contador 7th  The Tour de France entered the Pyrenee, and the Schlecks delivered a 1-2 punch with attacks at the end of the 131-mile from Cugnaux

Day News

  Washington   US debt talks deadlock drags on  President Barack Obama has told lawmakers he wants agreement on a US debt deal in 24-36 hours, Republican and Democratic aides say

  Rome Italy Senate passes tough budget  The Italian Senate has passed a tough austerity budget, including cuts of 48bn euros over three years

  Kenya Kenya to open new drought camp  Kenya has agreed to open a new refugee camp near its border with Somalia, as thousands of people flee the region's worst drought in 60 years

Evening News

  Indonesia     Indonesians flee volcano eruption
Map of Sulawesi Indonesia
  Mount Lokon, on Sulawesi, started erupting at around 2230 local time. The eruption saw ash, sand and rocks thrown 1,500m into the air

  Bahrain Irish delegation 'bullied' in Bahrain  Pro-government medics and state media staffers intimidated politicians to secure the release of more than a dozen Bahraini health workers

  Istanbul Clinton on another world tour  Diplomats are meeting to discuss ways of ending the Libya conflict. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived at the start of a 12-day journey

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