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Crime Main Event: Libyan, U.S. officials hol...
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07-18 Libyan, U.S. officials hold talks Tunisia
C. 07-18 Hacking whistle-blower found dead Hertfordshire, England
3. 07-18 Taliban video: Execution of Pakistani men Upper Dir, Pakistan
E. 07-18 Brazil out of Copa America by Paraguay Argentina
F. 07-18 Japan scrambles to protect reactor Fukushima, Northern Japan
6. 07-18 Man admits Somalia terror plot Minnesota
H. 07-18 Gold tops record price of $1,600 Global


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Morning News

Jul.18   Tunisia     Libyan, U.S. officials hold talks
  Washington says the sole point of the meeting was to repeat its demand that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi 'must go'

  England   Hacking whistle-blower found dead Map of Hertfordshire United Kingdom
  Sean Hoare, a former News of the World journalist who made phone-hacking allegations against the paper, has been found dead

  Pakistan Taliban video: Execution of Pakistani men  Graphic video footage shows the execution of at least 16 men believed to be Pakistani police officers -- a new escalation in the fight

  Argentina Brazil out of Copa America by Paraguay  The star-studded Brazilians missed all 4 of their spot-kicks as Paraguay went on to win 2-0 and earn a place in the last four of the competition

  Northern Japan Japan scrambles to protect reactor  Workers in Japan scrambled to build a protective covering over a damaged nuclear reactor ahead of an approaching powerful typhoon

Day News

  Minnesota Man admits Somalia terror plot  Omer Abdi Mohamed from Minnesota has admitted helping men of Somali origin travel to the country to join the al-Shabab militant group

  Global Gold tops record price of $1,600  The price of gold jumped above $1,600 an ounce for the first time as debt worries in the US and Europe continued to trouble investors

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