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Disasters Main Event: Intense heat bakes US ...
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07-22 Intense heat bakes US and Canada New York
2. 07-22 Militants: Aid ban in Somalia still in place Somalia
D. 07-22 Pentagon to end gay military ban Washington
E. 07-22 Markets rise on Greek aid package European Union
F. 07-22 UK PM wants Murdoch answers London
G. 07-22 White House debt talks collapse White House, Washington
H. 07-22 Schleck grabs lead at Tour de France ALPE D'HUEZ, Southern France
I. 07-22 Another round of Friday protests Homs, Syria
9. 07-22 41 feared dead in China bus fire Henan, China


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Morning News

Jul.22   New York   Intense heat bakes US and Canada
  A gruelling heatwave intensifies over the eastern parts of the US and Canada, with Friday expected to be the hottest day yet

  Somalia   Militants: Aid ban in Somalia still in place  Islamist militants in Somalia have reversed a pledge to allow foreign aid agencies to operate in famine-struck regions in the nation

  Washington Pentagon to end gay military ban  Defence Secretary Leon Panetta is set to announce that the ban on openly gay people serving in US military is to end

  European Union Markets rise on Greek aid package  Shares have risen following the eurozone's agreement designed to resolve the Greek debt crisis

  London UK PM wants Murdoch answers  David Cameron says James Murdoch 'clearly' needs to answer questions from MPs after his evidence on phone hacking was challenged

Day News

  Washington   White House debt talks collapse Map of White House USA  Republican House Speaker John Boehner has walked away from crunch debt ceiling talks at the White House with President Barack Obama

  Southern France Schleck grabs lead at Tour de France  The two-time Tour runner-up has acknowledged the advantage he gains from racing alongside his older brother Frank

  Syria Another round of Friday protests  Perhaps as many as six protesters died in Syria Friday as demonstrators took to the streets across the country

  China 41 feared dead in China bus fire  Six people including the driver were rescued and hospitalized in central China. Some bodies were burned beyond recognition

  Micronesia Coast Guard to rescue 15 castaways  On a small island 15 people joined hands to form a giant 'SOS' on the beach. Their small boat hit a coral reef and overturned

Evening News

  Ohio Ex-Marine guilty of murder of 11 women  Anthony Sowell, sex offender who lived among the remains of 11 dead women at his home has been convicted of killing all of them

  Norway     Norway struck by 2 deadly attacks
Map of Oslo Norway
  A 32-year-old Norwegian man was in custody after two attacks that killed at least 92 people and wounded scores of others
 The 1st attack occurred when a massive bomb erupted in the center of Oslo; At least seven people were killed. The 2nd at the ruling party's youth camp on an island outside the capital; At least 80 people died when a gunman opened fire at a island youth camp

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