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07-25 Terror suspect Breivik appears in court Norway
2. 07-25 Norway gunman 'has accomplices' Norway
D. 07-25 Clinton 'confident' over US debt Washington
4. 07-25 China shuts down fake Apple shops Kunming, Southern China
F. 07-25 Obama blames Republicans on debt Washington
6. 07-25 1,030 arrested in human trafficking raids Ciudad Juarez, North Mexico
7. 07-25 Mass rallies for Norway victims Oslo, Norway
I. 07-25 NFL owners and players reach deal USA
J. 07-25 England crush India by 196 runs London


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Morning News

Jul.25   Norway     Terror suspect Breivik appears in court
  Anders Behring Breivik, 32, has acknowledged carrying out the attacks and claims to have worked with two other cells

  Norway     Norway gunman 'has accomplices'
  Police are investigating claims by Breivik that he has 'two more cells' working with him

  Washington     Clinton 'confident' over US debt   US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said she is 'confident' the president and Congress will reach a deal to raise the US debt ceiling

  Southern China China shuts down fake Apple shops  China has moved to shut down several fake Apple stores found in Kunming city

Day News

  Washington     Obama blames Republicans on debt   US President Barack Obama has blamed conservative in the House of Representatives for the lack of a deal to avoid a US national default

  North Mexico 1,030 arrested in human trafficking raids  Authorities arrested more than 1,000 people over the weekend in an operation aimed at cracking down on human trafficking

  Norway Mass rallies for Norway victims  Torchlit processions have been held in towns and cities across Norway to remember the victims of twin attacks by Anders Behring Breivik

  USA NFL owners and players reach deal  NFL owners and players have agreed a new deal which ends fears of a strike blighting the coming season

  London England crush India by 196 runs  England took nine second-innings wickets on the final day's play against India at Lord's to take a one nil lead in the four test series

  China Netizens outraged over train crash  Nationwide outrage continued in China over the government's response to a deadly bullet train collision, even as operations resumed

Evening News

  Vatican Vatican recalls envoy to Ireland  The Vatican recalled its envoy in the wake of a report accusing church leaders of covering up extensive abuse of young people by priests

  Malta Malta passes historic divorce law  Parliament in mainly Roman Catholic Malta has passed an historic law legalising divorce which now only requires the president's signature

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