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1. 07-29 Libyan rape accuser arrives in U.S. New York
2. 07-29 Republicans scramble to save debt bill House of Representatives
3. 07-29 Group: Thousands 'disappeared' by regime Syria
4. 07-29 First funerals for Norway victims Oslo, Norway
F. 07-29 U.S. soccer selects Klinsmann as coach USA
G. 07-29 US growth much worse than thought Washington
H. 07-29 Pilot error in crash that killed Polish leader Poland
07-29 US Congress split over debt issue U.S. Congress
9. 07-29 U.S. labels North Korea talks 'constructive' Washington


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Morning News

Jul.29   New York     Libyan rape accuser arrives in U.S.  Eman al-Obeidy caught the world's attention in March when she publicly accused members of Gadhafi's forces of gang-raping her

  House of Representatives   Republicans scramble to save debt bill  Republicans are scrambling to rescue their deficit-cutting bill after a vote on it stalled because of a revolt from members of their own party

  Syria Group: Thousands 'disappeared' by regime  Nearly 3,000 Syrians have been arrested by the security forces since the start of the uprising, whose whereabouts remain unknown

  Norway First funerals for Norway victims  The first funerals for victims of gun and bomb attacks are being held, a week after 76 people were killed in Oslo and on a nearby island

  USA U.S. soccer selects Klinsmann as coach  U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati named Jürgen Klinsmann as head coach of the U.S. men's national team

  Washington US growth much worse than thought  US economic growth at an annualised rate of 1.3% in the second quarter, is much weaker than first thought, government figures show

  Poland Pilot error in crash that killed Polish leader  Unclear instructions from Russian air traffic controllers and bad weather at Smolensk airport also played a part

Day News

  U.S. Congress   US Congress split over debt issue
  US House and Senate have split along party lines as it seeks a solution to an ongoing deadlock over raising the nation's debt limit

  Washington U.S. labels North Korea talks 'constructive'  The U.S. State Department described its first direct talks on nuclear issues with North Korea in three years as 'constructive and businesslike'

  Turkey Turkey's military chiefs resign  The chief of the armed forces, Isik Kosaner, has resigned along with the army, navy and air force heads. President Gul appointed Ozel

  Washington Judge approves Nixon Watergate release  The secret grand jury testimony given by former US President over the Watergate scandal is set to be released after more than 36 years

  Paris Aircraft's recorders give insight into crash  Questions were raised over the training of the pilots on the doomed Air France Flight 447, after analysis of the voice and data recorders

Evening News

  New York   New York Post told to 'preserve' info
  News Corp. has ordered New York Post employees to 'preserve and maintain' documents related to possible phone hacking or bribery

  Libya     Nato air strike targets Libyan TV Map of Tripoli Libya  Nato says it has disabled three Libyan state TV satellite transmission dishes in the capital, Tripoli, through a 'precision air strike'

  Beijing, musicians to perform in Beijing  The rapper behind 'Yes We Can,' a music video inspired by Obama's presidential campaign, will direct a concert in Beijing later this year

  Venezuela Chavez in appeal to middle class  The Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, says he wants to open up his socialist political project to the middle classes and private sector

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