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B. 07-05 Lawyer: Journalists hacked girl's phone London
2. 07-05 Hunt on for missing from capsized boat Sea of Cortez, North Mexico
3. 07-05 At least 3 dead after helicopter crashes Bergen, Norway
E. 07-05 Obama to meet lawmakers over debt U.S. Congress
F. 07-05 Syria denies military campaign Hama, Syria
G. 07-05 Casey Anthony cleared of toddler murder Orlando, Florida
7. 07-05 UNHCR in 'human tragedy' warning Somalia
8. 07-05 Japan 'plans atomic stress tests' Fukushima, Japan
07-05 UK press hacking row escalates London


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Morning News

Jul.5   London Lawyer: Journalists hacked girl's phone  Journalists hacked into the phone messages of a missing girl, deleting some to make space for more and thus giving her parents hope

  North Mexico Hunt on for missing from capsized boat  U.S. and Mexican search teams scoured the Sea of Cortez for 7 Americans still missing after a tourist boat capsized off the east coast

  Norway At least 3 dead after helicopter crashes  There were five people total on the Aerospatiale 350 when it went down, meaning two people are still unaccounted for

Day News

  U.S. Congress     Obama to meet lawmakers over debt  US President has called Democratic and Republican lawmakers to the White House for talks on raising the country's debt ceiling

  Syria     Syria denies military campaign Map of Hama Syria  Syria denied that a military campaign was under way against the city of Hama, even as human rights groups reported deaths, arrests

  Florida Casey Anthony cleared of toddler murder  A court has found the 25-year-old single mother not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter
 Casey Anthony was found guilty of four counts of lying to law enforcement officers

  Somalia UNHCR in 'human tragedy' warning  The levels of malnutrition among children fleeing Somalia's drought could lead to a 'human tragedy of unimaginable proportions'

  Japan Japan 'plans atomic stress tests'  Japan is to conduct safety tests on all its nuclear plants after an earthquake and tsunami led to a nuclear meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi plant

Evening News

  London   UK press hacking row escalates
  New allegations have emerged of payments to the police as the row around the News of the World escalates

  Sudan     Red Sea boat sinking 'kills 197'
Map of Red Sea Sudan
  About 200 people drowned when a boat carrying migrants to Saudi Arabia sank off the Sudanese coast

  Baghdad At least 35 killed in twin explosions  28 more wounded in a twin bombing near a local government building just north of Baghdad

  Portugal Portugal debt downgraded to junk  The credit ratings agency Moody's Investors Service has downgraded Portugal's debt to junk status

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