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05-16 Arrest warrant sought for Gadhafi UN Tribunal
C. 05-16 IMF chief jailed on Rikers Island jail New York
3. 05-16 Mandela voted in local municipal elections Johannesburg
4. 05-16 Queen makes historic Ireland trip Ireland
F. 05-16 Mystery jet crash data recovered Paris
6. 05-16 Moscow talks for Gaddafi envoys Moscow
7. 05-16 Trump 'not running for president' USA
I. 05-16 Toyota to face economic claims USA
9. 05-16 Eurozone talks to focus on Greece Belgium


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Morning News

May.16   UN Tribunal     Arrest warrant sought for Gadhafi
  The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court sought the arrest of Libyan leader and two relatives. Linking them to attacks on civilians

  New York     IMF chief jailed on Rikers Island jail
  A judge denied Dominique Strauss-Kahn bail for allegedly chasing and sexually assaulting a hotel employee

  Johannesburg     Mandela voted in local municipal elections Map of Johannesburg  South Africans got a rare glimpse of former President Nelson Mandela as he voted in local municipal elections at his home

  Ireland Queen makes historic Ireland trip  The Queen is set to begin the first visit to the Republic of Ireland by a British monarch

  Paris Mystery jet crash data recovered  Investigators have recovered the complete contents of the flight data recorder and the last two hours of Air France plane cockpit conversation

Day News

  Moscow Moscow talks for Gaddafi envoys  Envoys of Libyan leader are to hold talks with Russian officials. The Kremlin has refused to accept the rebels as the legitimate power

  USA Trump 'not running for president'  US tycoon Donald Trump says he will not run for the US presidency in 2012, declaring he is not ready to leave the private sector

Evening News

  USA Toyota to face economic claims  Toyota car owners in the US can pursue claims that the carmaker caused the value of their vehicle to fall, a federal judge has ruled

  Belgium Eurozone talks to focus on Greece  Eurozone financial ministers are to continue their talks, with discussions now expected to focus on dire state of the Greek economy

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