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05-18 U.S. sanctions target Syrian president Washington
2. 05-18 Thousands protest unemployment in Spain Madrid
D. 05-18 Queen's sympathy for Irish people Ireland
E. 05-18 Porto coach makes soccer history Portugal
5. 05-18 IMF chief resigns over sex charge New York
6. 05-18 Japan economy back in recession Japan
H. 05-18 Thais remember Bangkok protests Thailand


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Morning News

May.18   Washington     U.S. sanctions target Syrian president
  President Obama imposed tough sanctions against Bashar al-Assad and 6 other senior officials in an effort to stop the crackdown on protests

  Madrid Thousands protest unemployment in Spain  Protests against economic crisis took a new turn as social media networks fueled calls for demonstrators to take to the streets

  Ireland Queen's sympathy for Irish people  The Queen has offered her 'sincere thoughts and deep sympathy' to the victims of Ireland and the UK's troubled past

  Portugal Porto coach makes soccer history  Porto made 1-0 victory in the Europa League final against Braga, giving coach Villas-Boas the chance to clinch a treble in his first term

Evening News

  New York     IMF chief resigns over sex charge
  International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has offered to resign following an alleged sexual assault of a hotel maid

  Japan     Japan economy back in recession
  The world's third largest economy, contracted sharply in the first three months of the year, after a tsunami and earthquake

  Thailand Thais remember Bangkok protests  Thais are marking one year since the violent end to two months of anti-government protests. A total of 92 people were killed

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