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Tsunami 'ghost ship' drifts to Canada  A Japanese fishing vessel swept away by the March 2011 tsunami has been spotted adrift off the west coast of Canada Japan shuts down nuclear reactor   Japan has shut down another power station, bringing it a step closer to abandoning atomic energy for the time being, following the Fukushima... U.S. to sink Japan boat that was lost in tsunami   The Coast Guard has deployed a ship to sink a fishing trawler that was swept away more than a year ago by the tsunami off the coast of Japan... US Coast Guard sinks tsunami 'ghost ship' Map of Sitka Alaska Alaska
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Earthquake Main Event: US Coast Guard sinks ...
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B. 01-19 Radioactive material used in construction Nihonmatsu, Northern Japan
2. 01-30 Japan's nuclear 'stress tests' get OK Japan
D. 02-13 Stricken Fukushima nuclear plant 'heating up' Fukushima, Northern Japan
4. 03-10 Japan marks deadly anniversary Northern Japan
5. 03-24 Tsunami 'ghost ship' drifts to Canada Oceania
G. 03-25 Japan shuts down nuclear reactor Niiagata, Northern Japan
04-05 US Coast Guard sinks tsunami 'ghost ship'
I. 05-05 Japan closes last nuclear reactor Hokkaido, Northern Japan

  Stricken Fukushima nuclear plant 'heating up'   A faulty thermometer is likely to blame for rising temperatures inside a stricken nuclear reactor at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant   Japan marks deadly anniversary
  Radioactive material used in construction   Gravel quarried inside Fukushima zone has turned up in construction projects in Nihonmatsu, including an elementary school and a condominium   Japan's nuclear 'stress tests' get OK

January 2012 ... more > Top ^
  U.N. nuclear experts gave a thumbs-up to planned 'stress tests' for remaining nuclear power plants

February 2012 ... more > Top ^

March 2012 ... more > Top ^
  Japan is set to mark the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami which struck the north-eastern coast, killing thousands

April 2012 ... more > Top ^
  The US Coast Guard has used cannon to sink a crewless Japanese ship that drifted to Alaska after the 2011 tsunami
 The coast would hold off scuttling the Ryou-Un Maru after a Canadian fishing boat claimed salvage rights

May 2012 ... more > Top ^
May.5   Japan closes last nuclear reactor   Japan is switching off its last working nuclear reactor, as part of the safety drive since the March 2011 tsunami May.16   Rebuilding spurs Japan economy  The economy grew 1.0% between January and March compared with the previous 3 months, as government spending helped fuel a recovery May.25   Fukushima radiation worse than feared   Japan's utility said that more radiation than previously thought was released into the atmosphere in March 2011 May.28   Tuna record Fukushima pollution  Pacific Bluefin tuna caught off the coast of California have been found to have radioactive contamination from Fukushima nuclear accident

June 2012 ... more > Top ^
Jun.6   Tsunami dock washes up in Oregon   A huge dock torn from a Japanese port by last year's tsunami has washed up in the US state of Oregon - 8,050km (5,000 miles) across the Paci... Jun.15   Japan PM orders reactor restart
Map of Fukushima Japan  Japan will restart two nuclear reactors - the first to go back online since all the country's plants were closed following last year's Fukushima crisis

July 2012 ... more > Top ^
Jul.4   Parliament releases Fukushima probe report
Map of Fukushima Japan
  A Japanese parliamentary panel releases its report into the handling of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, after months of hearings
Jul.21   Japan to probe Tepco 'cover-up'
Map of Fukushima Japan  The government will investigate a report that workers at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant were urged to disguise their exposure to radiation Jul.22   U.S. fighter jet crashes in Japan   A pilot who ejected after a U.S. fighter jet crashed into the waters off northern Japan on Sunday was rescued and was in stable condition

August 2012 ... more > Top ^
Aug.19   Tainted pickles kill six in Japan   At least six people have died in Japan and about 100 others have become ill after eating contaminated pickles, health officials say Aug.22   Record radiation found in fish near Fukushima
Map of Fukushima Japan  Cesium measuring 258 times the amount that government deems safe for consumption has been found in fish near the damaged nuclear power plant

October 2012 ... more > Top ^
Oct.26   Fish off Fukushima still contaminated
Map of Fukushima Japan  Radiation levels in fish caught near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant remain high long after the 2011 meltdowns there, suggesting contamination Oct.29     WWII bomb closes Japan airport
Map of Sendai Japan  A major airport in northern Japan was closed after an unexploded bomb believed to be from WWII was found near a runway during construction work Oct.31   Japan tsunami money 'misspent'
  Japan has spent funds intended for reconstruction after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami on unrelated projects, a government audit has found

December 2012 ... more > Top ^
Dec.7   Quake strikes off Japan, setting off small tsunami
Map of Miyagi Japan  A powerful earthquake struck off the northeast coast of Japan on Friday evening, rattling buildings in Tokyo and setting off a small tsunami

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