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Main Event: Egypt clears virginity test med...
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03-11 Egypt clears virginity test medic Egypt
C. 03-11 Iraq militias kill 'emo' youths Iraq
D. 03-11 Aviation plea over EU carbon tax European Union


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Morning News

Mar.11   Egypt     Egypt clears virginity test medic  A military court in Egypt has acquitted an army doctor accused of carrying out forced 'virginity tests' on women protesters, state media reports

Day News

  Washington     Obama condolences over massacre
  US President Obama has phoned his Afghan counterpart Karzai to express condolences over the massacre of 16 villagers in Kandahar

  Iraq Iraq militias kill 'emo' youths  Dozens of Iraqi teenagers have been killed in recent months by militias who consider them to be devil worshippers, human rights activists claim

Evening News

  Afghanistan   US on alert for Afghan reprisals   US troops in Afghanistan have been placed on alert following the killings of 16 Afghan civilians by a US soldier

  European Union Aviation plea over EU carbon tax  Seven leading European aviation companies have written to political leaders complaining about a recently introduced EU carbon tax

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