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Crime Main Event: Blasts at site of Toulouse...
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B. 03-21 Activists fined for watching Arab Spring videos Zimbabwe
2. 03-21 Somali pirates release British hostage Somalia
03-21 Blasts at site of Toulouse siege Toulouse, Southern France
E. 03-21 Mutineers in Mali palace attack Bamako, Mali


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Morning News

Mar.21   Zimbabwe Activists fined for watching Arab Spring videos  A judge fined six Zimbabwean human rights activists $500 each on for watching footage of the Arab Spring protests

  Somalia Somali pirates release British hostage  Somali pirates freed Judith Tebbutt, nearly 7 months after she was taken captive in a raid at a Kenyan beach resort in which her husband was killed

Day News

  Southern France   Blasts at site of Toulouse siege Map of Toulouse France  Gunfire and at least one explosion have been heard at a block of flats where a man suspected of killing seven people has been holed up

  Mali Mutineers in Mali palace attack  Troops in Mali have attacked the presidential palace in the capital Bamako hours after staging a mutiny

  Washington US warns Syria over UN peace plan  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned Syria to co-operate with a UN-backed peace plan

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