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B. 03-23 U.S. soldier charged with 17 counts of murder USA
03-23 Mexico crowds cheer Pope Benedict Guanajuato, Mexico
3. 03-23 Surprise US World Bank candidate Washington
E. 03-23 EU approves pirate base attacks European Union
5. 03-23 Shot teenager's death 'tragedy' - Obama Washington
G. 03-23 Clashes over Egypt football ban Port Said, Egypt


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Morning News

Mar.23   USA U.S. soldier charged with 17 counts of murder  Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales could be sentenced to death if convicted for allegedly embarking on a bloody shooting rampage in Afghan villages

Day News

  Mexico     Mexico crowds cheer Pope Benedict
Map of Guanajuato Mexico
  Thousands of supporters greet Pope Benedict XVI on his first visit to Mexico, as he denounces the 'evil' of drug-related violence in the country

  Washington   Surprise US World Bank candidate  President Obama has nominated Korean-born US academic Jim Yong Kim to be the next president of the World Bank

  European Union EU approves pirate base attacks  The European Union has agreed to expand its mission against Somali pirates by allowing military forces to attack land targets as well as those at sea

  Washington Shot teenager's death 'tragedy' - Obama  US President has said the 'tragedy' of an unarmed black teenager shot dead in Florida should prompt some national soul-searching

Evening News

  Egypt   Clashes over Egypt football ban
Map of Port Said Egypt
  Clashes have broken out in the Egyptian city of Port Said after its football club was suspended over match violence that killed at least 74 in February

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