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Sports Main Event: Obama, Karzai sign partne...
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05-01 Obama, Karzai sign partnership pact Kabul
C. 05-01 Obama pledges end to Afghan war Afghanistan
D. 05-01 UK lawmakers: Murdoch not fit to run business London
4. 05-01 Hodgson new England coach London
5. 05-01 EU leaders snub Euro 2012 European Union


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Morning News

May.1   Kabul     Obama, Karzai sign partnership pact
  President Obama, speaking at the tail end of a surprise visit there, discussed how the war will end and promised a steady drawdown of U.S. troops

  Beijing     Escape overshadows US-China talks   US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has arrived in China, where the escape of a Chinese activist threatens to overshadow key talks

  Afghanistan     Obama pledges end to Afghan war   US President has pledged to "finish the job" and end the Afghan war, addressing the US public live from a military base in Afghanistan

  London UK lawmakers: Murdoch not fit to run business  Global media tycoon Rupert Murdoch is 'not a fit person' to run a major international company, lawmakers investigating phone hacking reported

  London Hodgson new England coach  Roy Hodgson was appointed England manager on a four-year contract, ending months of speculation over who would lead at Euro 2012

  European Union EU leaders snub Euro 2012  Pressure is mounting on Ukraine to clean up its human rights record ahead of the Euro 2012 finals next month

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