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Politics Main Event: Dozens killed in Damasc...
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05-10 Dozens killed in Damascus blasts Syria
2. 05-10 Egypt poll hopefuls in TV debate Egypt
3. 05-10 Socialist leader gets chance to form government Greece
E. 05-10 JPMorgan reveals shock $2bn loss New York
F. 05-10 76ers Eliminate Bulls Philadelphia
6. 05-10 UN condemns Damascus 'suicide blasts' UN Security Council


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May.10   Syria     Dozens killed in Damascus blasts
  Kofi Annan is weighing an invitation to meet with al-Assad the same day that a deadly blast in Damascus drew widespread condemnation

  Egypt     Egypt poll hopefuls in TV debate  Egypt has held its first-ever live debate between presidential candidates. It featured the two expected front-runners in the presidential vote

  Greece Socialist leader gets chance to form government  PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos is starting efforts to build a government, making him the third Greek politician since Sunday to try to do so

  New York JPMorgan reveals shock $2bn loss  The biggest US bank has revealed a surprise trading loss of $2bn on complex investments made by its traders

  Philadelphia 76ers Eliminate Bulls  Iguodala made the go-ahead free throws with 2.2 seconds left and the Philadelphia 76ers rallied for a 79-78 victory over the top-seeded Chicago in Game 6

  Indonesia Russian plane wreckage found in Indonesia  Thick fog and steep, mountainous terrain forced rescuers to halt their efforts to reach the wreckage of a Russian jetliner that crashed on a demonstration flight

Day News

  UN Security Council   UN condemns Damascus 'suicide blasts'  The UN Security Council has condemned car bomb attacks that killed at least 55 people and wounded almost 400 in the Syrian capital

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