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Business Main Event: Moody's downgrades Span...
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B. 05-17 White births now minority in US USA
2. 05-17 Pinterest to get $100m boost from Rakuten San Francisco Bay Area
D. 05-17 Report finds Iran shipping arms to Syria UN
E. 05-17 Pakistan air force planes collide in midair NW Pakistan
05-17 Moody's downgrades Spanish banks Spain
6. 05-17 Facebook shares valued at $100bn San Francisco Bay Area
H. 05-17 Zimmerman found with bloody nose Sanford, Florida
8. 05-17 Disco queen Donna Summer dies Florida


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Morning News

May.17   USA White births now minority in US  Children from racial and ethnic minorities now account for more than half the births in the US, according to estimates of the latest US census data

  San Francisco Bay Area Pinterest to get $100m boost from Rakuten  Social networking service Pinterest is to receive $100m in funding from Japanese internet retailing giant Rakuten and existing investors

  UN Report finds Iran shipping arms to Syria  A confidential U.N. report reveals Iran is exporting arms to the Syrian government in violation of a ban on weapons sales

  NW Pakistan Pakistan air force planes collide in midair  Two Pakistani Air Force planes collided in midair Thursday, killing the pilots and injuring people on the ground

Day News

  Spain   Moody's downgrades Spanish banks
  Ratings agency has cut the credit ratings of 16 banks, a further blow to a country that is struggling to deal with the bad debts of its banking sector

  San Francisco Bay Area   Facebook shares valued at $100bn   Facebook has priced its shares ahead of one of the most eagerly-anticipated share flotations in recent stock market history

  Florida Zimmerman found with bloody nose  A Florida neighbourhood watch volunteer who shot an unarmed black teenager had a bloody nose and a cut on his head, according to police reports

  Florida Disco queen Donna Summer dies  Music stars, fans and industry heavyweights have lined up to pay tribute to Donna Summer. The US singer died at the age of 63

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