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B. 05-26 Pope's butler charged over leaks Vatican
05-26 U.N. observers see bodies of 92 dead in massacre Houla, Syria
D. 05-26 Leftist seeks Egypt vote recount Egypt
4. 05-26 Outrage grows over Syria massacre UN
F. 05-26 Chinese official confesses to raping 10 girls Henan, China
G. 05-26 Celtics Outlast Sixers Boston
H. 05-26 Salafists clash in Tunisian town Jendouba, Tunisia
I. 05-26 Sweden wins Eurovision contest Baku, Azerbaijan
9. 05-26 Mali rebels agree to Sharia state Gao, Mali


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Morning News

May.26   Vatican Pope's butler charged over leaks  46-year-old Paolo Gabriele has been charged in connection with the Vatican's inquiry into a series of media leaks

Day News

  Syria     U.N. observers see bodies of 92 dead in massacre Map of Houla Syria
  More than 92 people, including 32 children younger than 10, were killed Friday by artillery and tank shells in the Syrian village of Houla
 UN mission head Maj-Gen Robert Mood told the BBC the killing in Houla was 'indiscriminate and unforgivable'

  Egypt Leftist seeks Egypt vote recount  Hamdin Sabbahi, the candidate who is said to have come third - missing out on a run-off - has demanded a recount, citing many 'violations

Evening News

  UN     Outrage grows over Syria massacre   Western nations are pressing for a response to the massacre in the town of Houla, with the US calling for an end to what it called al-Assad's 'rule by murder'

  China Chinese official confesses to raping 10 girls  A Communist Party official in central Henan province was in police custody after authorities said he confessed to raping more than 10 girls

  Boston Celtics Outlast Sixers  Rondo took that three-point lead and turned it into an 85-75 victory in Game 7 that drove him and his Celtics to the Eastern Conference finals

  Tunisia Salafists clash in Tunisian town  Hundreds of Salafists have clashed with security forces and attacked a police station in Jendouba

  Azerbaijan Sweden wins Eurovision contest  Favourite Loreen has triumphed for Sweden at the 57th Eurovision Song Contest, with her club track Euphoria

  Mali Mali rebels agree to Sharia state  Two rebel groups that seized northern Mali two months ago have agreed to merge and turn their territory into an Islamist state, both sides say

  Tokyo Americans held in Irish student's death  Police have detained two American men as part of an investigation into the strangling death of an Irish exchange student in Tokyo

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