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Main Event: Johnson re-elected London mayor
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05-04 Johnson re-elected London mayor London
C. 05-04 9 found hanging from Mexican bridge Nuevo Laredo, North Mexico
D. 05-04 Curfew imposed after Egypt unrest Cairo


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May.4   London   Johnson re-elected London mayor   Boris Johnson has won a second term as London mayor, beating Labour rival Ken Livingstone by 3%, after a far closer contest than expected

  North Mexico   9 found hanging from Mexican bridge Map of Nuevo Laredo Mexico  Residents of the border city of Nuevo Laredo found nine bodies hanging from an overpass, along with a message directed to a drug cartel

  Cairo Curfew imposed after Egypt unrest  Ruling military council imposed an overnight curfew in the area around the defence ministry after one soldier was reported killed

  Argentina Argentine Olympic ad riles UK  Britain and international Olympic officials are taking issue with an advertisement claiming Argentina has sovereignty over the Falkland Islands

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