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09-11 Battle continues in Syria's Maaloula Maaloula, Syria
2. 09-11 Russia 'hands Syria plans to US' Moscow
3. 09-11 Benghazi hit by blast on anniversary of attack Benghazi, Eastern Libya
4. 09-11 US marks 9/11 attacks anniversary Manhattan
5. 09-11 Catalans planning 250-mile human chain Barcelona
G. 09-11 Arctic winter ice volume 'hits new low' Arctic
H. 09-11 Prosecutor calls for death penalty in India gang rape New Delhi
8. 09-11 UN powers discuss Syria proposal UN Security Council
J. 09-11 US Navy sexual assault reports rise 50% Washington


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Morning News

Sep.11   Syria   Battle continues in Syria's Maaloula Map of Maaloula Syria  The battle for an ancient Christian town is continuing, despite reports that government forces had retaken it

  Moscow     Russia 'hands Syria plans to US'  Russia has now handed over to the US its plans for making Syria's chemical weapons safe

  Eastern Libya Benghazi hit by blast on anniversary of attack  A car bomb exploded outside a Foreign Ministry building in the city of Benghazi Wednesday, on the anniversary of an assault on the U.S. Consulate

  Manhattan US marks 9/11 attacks anniversary  The US is remembering the victims of the 9/11 attacks in a series of memorials marking the 12th anniversary

  Barcelona Catalans planning 250-mile human chain  Hundreds of thousands of Catalans in northeastern Spain are due to increase pressure on Madrid for an independent, breakaway state

  Arctic Arctic winter ice volume 'hits new low'  The volume of sea ice in the Arctic hit a new low this past winter, according to observations from the European Space Agency's Cryosat mission

Day News

  New Delhi Prosecutor calls for death penalty in India gang rape  One of the men convicted in the fatal gang rape of a young woman called out his innocence Wednesday as police drove him into the courthouse

  UN Security Council UN powers discuss Syria proposal  Envoys of the five permanent UN Security Council members are meeting in New York to discuss a Russian plan for making safe Syria's chemical weapons

  Washington US Navy sexual assault reports rise 50%  The number of sexual assaults reported to the US Navy increased dramatically over the last year, officials said

Evening News

  Moscow     Putin issues plea to US over Syria
  Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a direct personal appeal to the American people over the Syrian crisis

  North Korea   N Korea reactor 'nearing operation' Map of Yongbyon North Korea  Steam has been seen rising from North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear facility, suggesting that the reactor has been restarted, a US institute says

  Mali Malian troops in clash with rebels  Malian government forces have clashed with separatist Tuareg rebels in the first fighting since the two sides signed a peace accord in June

  San Francisco Bay Area Apple's shares fall on new launches  Apple's shares fell more than 5% as investors worried that the firm's latest iPhone models may not help it increase its share in emerging markets

  Colombia Woman arrested with 'cocaine bump'  A Canadian national has been arrested in Colombia after trying to board a flight to Toronto with a phony pregnant belly stuffed with cocaine

  Shanghai China fire rattles world chip supply chain  A fire at the vast SK Hynix facility, a giant Chinese factory making almost one sixth of the world's supply of a key high-tech component

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