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05-15 PM's aide kicking protester stokes anger over Turkey mine fire Soma, Turkey
C. 05-15 Spurs trounce Blazers, advance San Antonio, Texas
D. 05-15 LeBron James makes key plays late as Heat oust Brooklyn Nets
E. 05-15 Sudan woman faces death for apostasy Sudan
F. 05-15 New York dedicates 9/11 museum ground zero, Manhattan
G. 05-15 Car bomb kills at least 29 in Syria Sajo, Northern Syria
7. 05-15 Oil spill on streets of Los Angeles
8. 05-15 California wildfires in San Diego force evacuations Carlsbad, San Diego
9. 05-15 WHO sounds alarm on spread of polio Global


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Morning News

May.15   Turkey     PM's aide kicking protester stokes anger over Turkey mine fire Map of Soma Turkey  An aide to Turkey's Prime Minister is kicking a man protesting the mine disaster that has claimed nearly 300 lives has prompted outrage

  Texas Spurs trounce Blazers, advance  After a brief detour in Game 4, San Antonio went back to its overwhelming ways on Wednesday to rout Portland, 104-82

  Miami LeBron James makes key plays late as Heat oust Brooklyn Nets  The Miami Heat erased a late deficit and got a couple of key defensive stops to pull off a 96-94 win at AmericanAirlines Arena in Game 5

  Sudan Sudan woman faces death for apostasy  A Sudanese court has sentenced Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag to hang for apostasy after she left Islam and married a Christian man

  Manhattan New York dedicates 9/11 museum  President Barack Obama has joined September 11 survivors and rescuers at the dedication of a memorial museum on the site of the attacks in New York

  Northern Syria Car bomb kills at least 29 in Syria  At least 29 people were killed and dozens were wounded Thursday by a car bomb in Syria near the Turkish border at the Sajo bus station

  Los Angeles Oil spill on streets of Los Angeles  An oil pipe in Los Angeles has broken, spilling an estimated 10,000 gallons (38,000 litres) of oil in the streets, the LA Fire Department (LAFD) says

  San Diego California wildfires in San Diego force evacuations  Wildfires continued to rage on Thursday morning, after thousands of people in San Diego county were forced to flee their homes

  Global WHO sounds alarm on spread of polio  The spread of polio constitutes an international public health emergency, the World Health Organization declared

  Malaysia Flight 370 search officials turn to private companies for help  With no tangible evidence of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, search officials are reaching out to commercial companies for help

Day News

  Moscow     Putin: Ukraine must pay cash in advance for gas  Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday the country will only deliver gas to Ukraine if it pays in advance in cash starting from June

  USA Cold weather hits WalMart profits  The world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, has reported a fall in profits due to particularly cold winter weather

  North Mexico 2 dead, 7 injured in Mexico border city explosion  The explosion caused a portion of the Valle del Vergel shopping center to collapse. Authorities said an accumulation of gas caused Thursday's explosion

Evening News

  New Delhi   BJP leads in India election vote
  Main opposition is making hefty gains over the ruling Congress party as hundreds of millions of votes cast during its mammoth nine-phase general election

  Sao Paulo Brazil hit by anti-World Cup rallies  Riot police have fired tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro who marched against the cost of hosting the cup

  Beijing Vietnam tensions: Beijing vows to continue drilling  China says its oil rig will continue drilling in contested waters in the South China Sea, despite deadly anti-Beijing riots in Vietnam

  Ecuador Galapagos in 'emergency' over stranded petrol tanker  Ecuador has declared an emergency in the islands, saying that a tanker which ran aground still poses a threat to the archipelago's fragile ecosystem

  Bangladesh Ferry capsizes; at least 22 bodies recovered and others still missing  Rescuers have recovered at least 22 bodies after a ferry capsized during a storm in the Meghna River in central Bangladesh

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