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B. 05-19 US charges Chinese with hacking Washington
C. 05-19 Putin orders Ukraine border pullout Rostov, Russia
D. 05-19 Balkans flooding raises landmines fears Bosnia
E. 05-19 Antarctica's ice losses double Antarctica
F. 05-19 Mladic war crimes defence begins Netherlands
6. 05-19 Chinese ships reach Vietnam to extract thousands of citizens Vung Ang, Ha Tinh, Vietnam
H. 05-19 Van Gaal appointed Man Utd boss Manchester, Northern England
05-19 Thailand army declares martial law Bangkok
9. 05-19 No Russia border pullout, says Nato NATO


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Morning News

May.19   Washington   US charges Chinese with hacking
  The US has charged 5 Chinese army officers with hacking into private-sector American companies in a bid for competitive advantage

  Russia     Putin orders Ukraine border pullout
Map of Rostov Russia
  Russia's President Vladimir Putin has ordered troops near Ukraine's border to withdraw, the Kremlin says

  Bosnia   Balkans flooding raises landmines fears  As if the deadly flooding inundating much of the Balkans wasn't alarming enough, rescuers grapple the risk of landmines from the war resurfacing

  Antarctica   Antarctica's ice losses double  Antarctica is now losing about 160 billion tonnes of ice a year to the ocean - twice as much as when the continent was last surveyed

  Netherlands Mladic war crimes defence begins  The defence in the trial of former Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity has opened in The Hague

  Vietnam Chinese ships reach Vietnam to extract thousands of citizens  2 ships arrived at the coast of Vietnam to begin efforts to collect thousands of Chinese citizens who are fleeing the country after deadly attacks

  Northern England Van Gaal appointed Man Utd boss  Louis van Gaal has been named as Manchester United manager, with Ryan Giggs as his assistant

Day News

  Bangkok   Thailand army declares martial law
Map of Bangkok
  The Thai army says that it is imposing martial law amid a political crisis 'to preserve law and order'. The army granted itself wide-ranging powers
 Soldiers have taken over TV and radio stations, and blocked off roads in the capital

  NATO No Russia border pullout, says Nato  ato and the US say there is no sign of a withdrawal of Russian troops from areas bordering Ukraine

  Beijing China denounces cyber-theft charges  China has denounced charges brought by the US against five army officers accused of economic cyber-espionage

  Barcelona Barcelona appoints Luis Enrique as new manager  Barcelona has appointed Luis Enrique as the club's new manager just days after losing out on the La Liga title

  Switzerland Credit Suisse helped 'tax cheats'  The Swiss banking giant has pleaded guilty to helping some US clients avoid paying taxes to the US government and agreed to pay a $2.6bn fine

Evening News

  El Salvador   El Salvador evacuates 1,000 people near volcano Map of Chaparrastique El Salvador   At least 1,000 people living near the Chaparrastique have been evacuated as a precautionary measure after seismic activity increased at the volcano

  Brazil Pele fears protests hurt World Cup  The Brazilian footballing great Pele says he fears the many protests in the country could hurt the World Cup

  Mali Tuareg rebels 'free Mali hostages'  Some 28 hostages abducted by Tuareg rebels in northern Mali on Saturday have been freed, the UN says

  Shanghai China gives Putin a diplomatic boost  Russian President, facing diplomatic isolation in the West over Ukraine, has received a boost on an official visit to China

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