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US troops 'withdraw from Yemen'   Yemen minister calls for Gulf military intervention  The foreign minister has called for Gulf Arab states to intervene to prevent the advance of Shia Houthi rebels into the south of the country Saudi Arabia launches military operation in Yemen  Saudi Arabia has launched a military operation - including air strikes - against Houthi Shia rebels, the Saudi ambassador in the US has said Yemen crisis: Fighting intensifies in Aden Map of Aden Yemen
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Crime Main Event: Yemen: President resigns a...
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1. 01-06 Deadly blast hits Yemen capital Sanaa, Yemen
2. 01-09 Al Qaeda rep says group directed Paris magazine attack Yemen
3. 01-17 Gunmen abduct chief of staff to Yemen president central Sanaa, Sanaa, Yemen
E. 01-18 Yemen rebels exchange fire with army presidential palace, Sanaa, Yemen
F. 01-20 Yemen rebels attack president's home Sanaa, Yemen
01-22 Yemen: President resigns as rebels tighten hold Sanaa, Yemen
7. 03-20 IS claims Yemen mosque bombings Badr mosque, Sanaa, Yemen
I. 03-21 US troops 'withdraw from Yemen' Yemen

UN warns Houthi rebels in Yemen   IS claims Yemen mosque bombings Map of Badr mosque Sanaa Yemen
  Deadly blast hits Yemen capital Map of Sanaa Yemen  37 people have been killed or injured in a blast outside a police college in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, security sources say   Al Qaeda rep says group directed Paris magazine attack  A member of Al Qaeda's branch in Yemen said that the group directed the massacre earlier this week at Charlie Hebdo   Gunmen abduct chief of staff to Yemen president Map of central Sanaa Sanaa Yemen  The kidnapping of Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak comes as Yemen remains gripped by Shiite Houthi rebels and battered by regular al-Qaida attacks Yemen rebels exchange fire with army Yemen rebels attack president's home   Yemen: President resigns as rebels tighten hold Map of Sanaa Yemen

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  Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi has resigned along with his prime minister in protest at the takeover of the capital Sanaa by Shia Houthi rebels

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  Islamic State say its militants carried out suicide bombings on two mosques in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, which killed at least 137 people
 Both mosques were used mainly by supporters of the Zaidi Shia-led Houthi rebel movement

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  Houthi rebels try to seize control of the city. Concern is growing over the number of casualties after heavy clashes between local militia and rebels
Apr.3 Houthi rebels pushed back in Aden Apr.4 Yemen: UN mulls calls for 'humanitarian pause' Apr.5   Houthi rebels make gains in Aden Map of Aden Yemen
  Shia Houthi rebels have made more gains in the city of Aden, despite air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition
  Red Cross to send aid flights to Sanaa   The International Committee of the Red Cross is due to make two emergency aid flights into Yemen's capital, Sanaa Apr.7 US boosts arms supplies for Saudi-led coalition Apr.8     US warns Iran over 'support' for Yemen Houthi rebels  US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Iran over its alleged support for Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen Apr.21   Iran urges aid effort as Saudi air strikes end   Iran's foreign minister has called for 'urgent humanitarian assistance' in Yemen after a Saudi-led coalition ended air strikes against Houthi... Apr.23 Fleet of Iranian ships heading to Yemen turns around

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May.7   Top al-Qaeda militant Nasser al-Ansi 'killed' in Yemen
Map of Mukalla Yemen  A US air strike in Yemen has reportedly killed Nasser al-Ansi, a top militant of al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula May.9   Civilians 'struggle to flee' Saada strikes Map of Saada Yemen
  Civilians in the city of Saada in northern Yemen are struggling to flee Saudi-led coalition air strikes targeting Houthi rebels
    Yemen conflict: UN criticises Saudi civilian bombings   The United Nations representative in Yemen has said that the Saudi-led coalition is bombing 'effectively, trapped civilians'

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Jun.6 Saudi Arabia 'shoots down' Scud missile
Jun.7 Saudi Arabia air strikes kill 44 in Sanaa Jun.29 Yemen capital Sanaa hit by car bomb attack

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Jul.10 Yemen crisis: Fighting breaks new UN ceasefire
Jul.19 Dozens killed in Aden heavy shelling Jul.26 Yemen conflict: Shelling reported despite 'truce'

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Aug.6   French hostage Isabelle Prime is released in Yemen   Isabelle Prime was freed on Thursday night and would imminently be returning to France, the president's office sai Aug.19   Yemen on brink of famine, says UN official  Months of conflict in Yemen has pushed the country to the brink of famine, according to a head of the UN's World Food Programme (WFP)

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Sep.7   Yemen crisis: Qatar 'deploys 1,000 troops'  Qatar has reportedly deployed troops to Yemen for the first time: 1000 ground troops, supported by armoured vehicles and helicopters Sep.29   Yemen conflict: Wedding attack death toll rises to 130   Missiles hit two tents in a village near the Red Sea port of Mocha, where a man linked to the Houthi rebel movement was celebrating his marr...

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Oct.27   Yemen conflict: MSF hospital destroyed by air strikes   Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) says one of its hospitals in northern Yemen has been destroyed by several air strikes

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Nov.1     Yemen's Socotra Island hit by rare cyclone   Yemeni security officials say a rare and rapidly intensifying cyclone has killed one person and injured nine on the remote Socotra island Nov.2     Cyclone Chapala bears down on mainland Yemen   A rare tropical cyclone is bearing down on the Yemeni mainland bringing hurricane-force winds, heavy rain and powerful waves

December 2015 ... more > Top ^
Dec.6   Governor of Aden killed in Islamic State attack   Islamic State militants say they are responsible for a blast that killed the governor of Yemen's port city

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