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1. 12-07 Iran swine flu outbreak kills 33 Kerman, Southern Iran
12-07 Donald Trump urges ban on Muslims coming to US South Carolina
D. 12-07 San Bernardino suspects had target practice, says FBI Los Angeles
E. 12-07 Syria air strikes 'kill 26 civilians' al-Hawl, Hasakah, Northern Syria
F. 12-07 Hidden portrait 'found under Mona Lisa'
6. 12-07 Warming speeds 'world's slowest moving landslides' Alaska


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Morning News

Dec.7   Southern Iran Iran swine flu outbreak kills 33  An outbreak of swine flu in two south-eastern provinces of Iran has killed at least 33 people over the last three weeks, state media report

Day News

  South Carolina     Donald Trump urges ban on Muslims coming to US Map of South Carolina
  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for a halt to Muslims entering the US, in the wake of the deadly California shootings

  Los Angeles San Bernardino suspects had target practice, says FBI  Tashfeen Malik and husband Syed Farook behind the attack that killed 14 people had target practice days before, the FBI has said

  Northern Syria Syria air strikes 'kill 26 civilians'  At least 26 civilians, including children, have been killed in the north-east of the country by air strikes possibly carried out by the US-led coalition

Evening News

  Paris Hidden portrait 'found under Mona Lisa'  An image of a portrait underneath the Mona Lisa has been found beneath the existing painting using reflective light technology, according to a scientist

  Alaska Warming speeds 'world's slowest moving landslides'  Rising global temperatures are helping to speed up slow moving landslides across Alaska

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