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01-01 AirAsia: Flight attendant is first victims buried Surabaya, Indonesia
C. 01-01 Five troops killed in India, Pakistan clashes
3. 01-01 Egypt retrial for al-Jazeera three Cairo
4. 01-01 Jeb Bush 'clears decks for 2016 run' USA
5. 01-01 Shanghai crush: Xi Jinping orders investigation Shanghai
G. 01-01 Syria war 'killed 76,000' in 2014 Syria
H. 01-01 Italy rescuing more migrants in Mediterranean Puglia, Southern Italy
I. 01-01 Harry Kane stuns Chelsea White Hart Lane, London
J. 01-01 France new year car-burning falls Paris


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Jan.1   Indonesia     AirAsia: Flight attendant is first victims buried Map of Surabaya Indonesia
  Hayati Lutfiah Hamid, the first victim of AirAsia Flight QZ8501, found in the Java sea after a crash on Sunday, has been laid to rest

  Kashmir Five troops killed in India, Pakistan clashes  Indian forces in Kashmir have killed four Pakistani troops on the border ending a year in which hostilities between the neighbours have escalated

  Cairo Egypt retrial for al-Jazeera three  Egypt's top court has ordered a retrial of three al-Jazeera journalists jailed on charges of spreading false news

  USA Jeb Bush 'clears decks for 2016 run'  Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has reportedly scaled back his business commitments as he thinks seriously about a White House run

  Shanghai Shanghai crush: Xi Jinping orders investigation  China's President Xi Jinping has demanded an investigation into Shanghai New Year's Eve crush that killed 36 people and injured 47

Day News

  Syria     Syria war 'killed 76,000' in 2014
  The year 2014 was the deadliest year yet in Syria's four-year conflict, with over 76,000 killed, activists say

  Southern Italy     Italy rescuing more migrants in Mediterranean Map of Puglia Italy  The Air Force is rescuing hundreds of migrants stranded on the Ezadeen, a cargo ship, abandoned in rough seas by smugglers
 The Ezadeen, sailing under the flag of Sierra Leone, had no crew on board and was going towards Puglia

  London Harry Kane stuns Chelsea  Chelsea relinquished sole leadership of the English Premier League after suffering a surprise 5-3 defeat at the hands of Tottenham Hotspur

  Paris France new year car-burning falls  The number of cars set alight in France on New Year's Eve fell significantly this year, the government has said

  France Thomas Piketty rejects Legion D'Honneur  French economist, the best-selling author of Capital in the 21st Century, has turned down France's top award

  Brazil Rousseff sworn in for 2nd term  Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff immediately faces tough challenges after taking the oath of office before congress

Evening News

  Southern Italy     Bid to save second abandoned migrant ship off Italian coast
Map of Puglia Italy
  The Italian coast guard says a merchant ship with at least 400 migrants on board is heading for the Italian coast

  Indonesia     AirAsia underwater search to begin Map of Java Sea Indonesia  The search for AirAsia flight QZ8510 which crashed into the sea on Sunday is set to move underwater, with the arrival of specialist equipment

  Manhattan Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo dies  Three-time Democratic Governor has died just hours before his son Andrew was inaugurated for a second term as governor, family sources say

  Beijing Top Chinese diplomat being investigated for corruption  Zhang Kunsheng has been removed from his position as assistant foreign minister and is being probed for 'violating discipline'

  Global Most cancer types 'just bad luck'  Most types of cancer can be put down to bad luck rather than risk factors such as smoking, a study has suggested

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